1 Month Garden Update

It seems that every time I look out the window the plants in the garden have gotten bigger. Overnight even–that never ceases to amaze me. The garden has been in the ground for about a month now and I thought that it would be fun to show you just how big everything’s getting!

So, come out to the garden with me for a little update!

First up, we’ve got Jalapeños, Sweet Potoates, & Chili Peppers (not pictured)!

The next bed is filled with two different varities of green beans & cucumbers!

An entire bed of squash & Pumpkins…Butternut Squash (which we use to make our Pumpkin Pies), Sweet Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Zucchini & Spaghetti Squash to name a few. I believe the blossom is on a Zucchini Plant!

Across from the squishies as we like to call them we have a pepper & tomato bed. Various storebought tomato plants are in the vertical section & each horizontal section contains various red, green, & banana peppers. The bright yellow flowers dispersed throughout are Marigolds to deter rabits.

The next bed has Red Onions, Carrots, & Sweet Corn!

Then there’s yellow Onions, Beets, & Brussels Sprouts.

Then the two long beds filled with tomatoes that are just starting to blossom & Bloody Butcher Corn (a red variety that Bradley wanted to try) that’s taller than me!

Finally, we have the two long beds that run along the fenceline. One has our Asparagus that looks like small Chrsitmas trees. The other is our herb garden. Many of those seeds didn’t come up but we’ve supplemented with a storebought plant or two. Both long beds are bookended with a Gooseberry plant.

I never really think our garden is that big…Until you break it down like this. And then it looks HUGE. While I was out yesterday corralling the chickens making sure they didn’t escape while Dad & Bradley added the last of the beds to the garden and I saw the garden from the back gate. I actually think that that’s my favorite view!

Until next time,
Bailey Sue