10 Homestead Must Haves

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We’ve been on our homestead for nearly six years and over those years we’ve realized that there are a few tools that almost constantly come in handy.

1) T-Post Puller

We use T-Posts quite a bit around the homestead particularly when it comes to fencing off the garden. Since the garden is continually expanding having a T-Post Puller makes taking out the T-Posts a whole lot quicker and easier!

2) Chicken Wire

If you have an opportunity to get some chicken wire, take it! This stuff is SUPER handy. Use it to fence off an area you want to protect from animals, protect young trees or plants, or create a space for your chickens to roam. We always have a roll of this somewhere on the property.

3) Fencing Pliers

These make cutting all that chicken wire much easier…and you get poked less which is always nice.

4) A sturdy pair of work gloves

Especially when it comes to dealing with wire or animals I like to have a sturdy pair of gloves to protect my hands. These are a family favorite!

5) A Compost Bin

A big part of homesteading is learning to use what you have to the best of your ability. Making the most of everything…including food scraps & yard waste. A compost bin is a great addition to any homestead. Turn your organic kitchen scraps (NO meat or dairy) into rich soil & tea for your vegetable garden!

6) Dual-Claw Wrecking Bar

Dad’s able to bring skids home from work & we use them for firewood & building projects. We separate the runners from the slats using this–also known as the skid buster!

7) Utility Wagon

This is super handy to have around. We’ve used it to haul the garden harvest up to the house, tools around the property, or to bring firewood in.

8) Boonie Hat

There is always something to do on the homestead & just because it’s hot doesn’t mean that the work stops. Bradley recently found these Boonie Hats that also protect your neck from getting fried in the sun. As someone who has gotten fried one too many times…I may need to get myself one!

9) A good set of garden tools

While nearly every store has a selection of garden tools investing in a good quality, long-lasting set or two will benefit you for years to come.

10) Zip Ties

And last but certainly not least ZIP TIES! We were talking this morning that we use zip ties All. The. Time. We have several packages in various sizes and have no idea how people made do without them centuries ago.

I hope that this list–although small is helpful to you. Is there anything else you’d add? Share in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue