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12 Movies and Snacks of Christmas Vol. 2

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It’s that time of year again! Time to put out the decorations and start singing Christmas carols and wearing our Christmas sweaters. Last year I had so much fun sharing 12 classic Christmas movies and matching snacks that I decided to do it again this year!

In all honesty, I’ve been looking forward to writing this post all year long! I’m not quite sure that that’s a good thing but nonetheless, it gets me excited about Christmas and sharing some of my family’s favorite movies and snacks with you.

Just like last year these are all movies that we’ve watched year after year and love so much that we’ve added almost all of them to our personal collection! If you have a movie that your family loves to watch each year I’d love for you to share it in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for a good Christmas movie and of course good snacks!

1) I’ll be Home for Christmas

Starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas “I’ll be Home for Christmas” tells about Jake’s journey home for Christmas. Normally Jake can smooth talk his way out of any unpleasant situation, but this one’s a little different…things go array and he ends up dressed as Santa in the middle of the dessert while another guy tries to steal his girl…On the journey homeward Jake meets a few new friends who need a little help finding their way home…Will everyone make it home in time for Christmas Dinner?

This movie is a great reminder of what really matters this time of the year. Being together with those that we love. Families change over time but what stays the same is the love that we share for each other despite life’s challenges. While watching to see if everyone makes it home in time for Christmas why not munch on some soft pretzels? You can add this movie to your personal collection HERE.

2) Elf on the  Shelf: An Elf’s Story

Based off the beloved book of the same name it tells us all about the sweet and often mischievous elves that travel back to the North Pole each night while we sleep. Taylor’s getting older and not quite sure that he believes in Santa anymore. Throughout the Christmas season he’s very skeptical until an accident lands Chippy in the hospital. Will Chippy recover? Is Taylor convinced that there’s really a Santa?

Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story is a great reminder to believe in the impossible. It’s a cute story line intermingled with some really great songs. This movie goes great with some hot cocoa and peppermint sticks. You can add this movie to your collection HERE.

3) The Christmas Carol Musical Version

Okay, I have to be honest here. We have about four or five different versions of “A Christmas Carol”. This one however is our favorite by far. Starring Kelsey Grammer (Did you know he can sing?!) it tells the beloved story of Tiny Tim and Ebeneezer Scrooge. But mingled throughout the classic tale are some modern songs that give the story a whole new feel… I find that it makes the story stick in a different way when it’s set to music. In fact I hope to one day soon get the sound track. Even if you don’t watch this version I HIGHLY recommend the soundtrack!

While watching this classic tale you have two different snack options! You could have oatmeal or left overs from Thanksgiving! You can add this movie to your personal collection HERE or get the soundtrack HERE.

4) Santa Clause 2

The sequel to the beloved “Santa Clause” starring Tim  Allen. After adjusting well to his new duties as Santa he discovers something quite important. He must find a Mrs. Clause before Christmas Eve or he can’t be Santa any longer! On top of that his son Charlie ends up on the Naughty List! Will Santa find his Mrs. Clause before Christmas Eve? Will Charlie turn things around and get on the Nice List?

One of the things that I love about this movie aside from the obvious romance factor is the fact that it endorses two of my favorite foods, noodles and pie! If neither of those float your boat for munching you could also get yourself some food from McDonald’s or a simple Crunch Bar (those are Comet’s favorite). You can add this movie to your personal collection HERE.

5) Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

The third and final installment of the Santa Trilogy. Santa and Mrs. Clause are now expecting their own little bundle of joy! However Baby Clause just won’t come and it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas. Then there’s Jack Frost…He’s been inching his way closer to the Naughty list and expulsion from the Counsel of Legendary Figures.

And the in-laws are coming (they think that Scott works at a toy factory in Canada)! Will Jack Frost’s iced heart ever thaw?  Will the in-laws believe that they’re really in Canada? Will Santa end up enacting the Escape Clause and go back to the way that life would have been had he not picked up the Santa suit all those years ago? Will Santa be able to be there when Mrs. Clause delivers? You can add this movie to your personal collection HERE. And while you’re watching why not munch on some stringed popcorn!

6) A Very-Merry Mix Up

Antique shop owner Alice is on the way to meet her future in-laws…But the airport lost her luggage and Matt Mitchum spills coffee all over her ruining her blouse and phone which is the only way to get the address to her in-laws. But no worries…She’s found her fiance’s brother! Funny, Will never mentioned he had a brother…

As Christmas gets closer she finds that she loves the traditions of the Mitchum family. Their home and family is so cozy and welcoming…She fits right in. And then Will shows up, but something’s gotten a little mixed up…

Will things get sorted out just in time for Christmas? While watching you can munch on some iced sugar cookies. You can add this movie to your personal collection HERE.

7) Veggie Tales: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas

I didn’t really watch a lot of Veggie Tales movies when I was a kid but I LOVE this one! Not only does one of the first songs mention Bing Crosby and “White Christmas” it also stars Si Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” so we kinda had to get it and put it in our collection..,

Spring Valley Mall needs some Christmas decorations! Bob and Larry decide to go all out and leave no stone unturned!  This is going to be the biggest and brightest Christmas light job ever! Or will it? A little girl comes to visit the North Pole selling handmade Christmas cards to help raise money for her neighbor who lost her house due to a fire. She reminds everyone she meets of the true meaning of Christmas…Loving God and loving your neighbor. While watching this adorable movie why not drink some egg nog and eat a burger and fries? You can add this movie to your collection HERE.

8) The 12 Dogs of Christmas

I think we found this at a library book sale years ago and since it was all about dogs we had to get it because JoJo LOVES animals. Set during the Great Depression a girl named Emma gets sent to live with her aunt while her father looks for work. However the town doesn’t allow any dogs! Emma ends up meeting a little furry friend and keeping him just outside the city limits with her friend named Mike. She ends up working with Mike and his Mom to show the town just how much fun dogs can be. Their school’s Christmas program is coming up soon. Will they be able to convince the Mayor that the dogs can stay? Will Emma’s Dad come back for her after all?

This movie’s fun because you and your dog get a snack. Your pooch can get a nice doggy treat and you can make some Puppy Chow (the chex-mix kind of course). This movie can be added to your collection HERE.

9) The Spruces and the Pines

There’s a bitter Christmas rivalry in town. Julie Pine comes home from college to celebrate Christmas with her Dad and help out at the family tree farm. They’ve got to do better than those Spruces…However she meets this cute guy named Rick. His last name just so happens to be Spruce.  A big no-no where her Dad’s concerned. Falling hard and fast Rick and Julie decide to figure out what exactly caused the feud in the first place. Maybe her Mother left some clues. Julie’s search proves to be quite profitable. Will the old wounds of rejection heal? Will Rick and Julie gain their family’s approval?

This movie goes great with some donuts and coffee…or any baked good really. You can add this movie to your collection HERE.

 10) The Christmas Cottage

Based on true events from famous painter Thomas Kinkade’s life this movie is a great reminder to never give up. Tom comes home for Christmas to discover that his mother is loosing the house. Glen a good family friend and the man who taught Tom how to paint suffers from declining health.  Tom offers to paint a simple mural of the town for $500. Meanwhile Glen is trying to paint one last picture of his beloved Nicole–all to no avail. But Sidney doesn’t believe that Glen’s brushes will never touch canvas again. He’s convinced that Glen has one more painting up his sleeve.

While painting the mural Tom begins to see those who surround him in a different light. Will Tom be able to finish the mural in time for Christmas? Will his mother get to keep the little cottage? Does Glen really have one more painting up his sleeve?

Make a batch or two of pancakes to eat while watching this movie! You can add it to your personal Collection HERE.

11) The National Tree

Vlogger Rock Burdock’s Spruce gets chosen to be the National Christmas Tree. After finally convincing his Dad to share the tree with the world they’re on their way! Traveling to D.C. proves to be quite interesting. They find a stow away and travel right through a wild fire! Will the tree be delivered in one piece?

This movie always gets my creative juices flowing…While watching why not have breakfast for dinner? You’ll want to once you see what they’re eating! You can add this movie to you’re personal collection HERE.

12) Seasons of Giving

An old VHS that we’ve had for years tells about both Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Hundred Acre Wood. I’ve loved Winnie the Pooh for as long as I can remember…However I almost always forget to watch this one. I love the simple reminder that this movie gives. Just being together with friends and celebrating the season.

This movie gives you lots of different snack options. Such as Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Ice Cream, and of course honey! You can add this movie to your personal collection HERE.

If you’ve made it this far Thanks so much for sticking with me! I hope that this list provides you and your family with some new favorite movies! I’d love to hear what some of your favorite Christmas movies and snacks are! Be sure to leave them in the comments below or share them on social media with the #12moviesandsnacksofChiristmas and be sure to tag contentintheeveryday on Instagram and Content in the Everyday Featuring Snapshots of Contentment on Facebook. I want to see what ya’ll come up with!

And most of all I hope that you’re reminded of what’s really important this time of the year. Being with those you love and celebrating the blessings that God has given each and every one of us.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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