Excuses, Excuses

No Excuses

“…I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

~John 10:10b

I have realized that I am very good at making excuses. I can create an excuse to get out of almost anything that I don’t want to do. Creating a whole list of reasons why I should do something when in reality I should be doing something else is a trait that I have also mastered.

So, I have decided that 2017 will be the year of “No Excuses”.

Google defines the word excuse as “A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.”

Luke 14:16-24 tells us of a man who set a great banquet. When the banquet was ready; he sent his servant out to let those whom he had invited know that the banquet was ready. But then each of them had some excuse as to why they couldn’t attend. The master then sent his servant out into the city two different times to invite the poor, crippled, blind, and lame.

This reminded me of John 10:10 where Jesus says that He came so that we can have an abundant life. And it made me wonder; how many of the times that I created an excuse did I actually miss out on living an abundant life?

A lot of the time that I make excuses, it’s because for one reason or another, I just don’t want to do it. Sometimes it’s because I’m tired,  in the middle of doing something or just downright lazy.

2016 was my year of excuses. 2017 will be my year of No excuses. Changing this will not be easy, but God promises that He will help us where we are weak and He gives us all that we need to serve Him (2 Corinthians 12:9a, 2 Peter 1:3).

All we have to do is ask God to help us in our weakness and He will (Psalm 22:19). I encourage you in this new year to not let anything stop you. Get out there and do what it is you know God is calling you to do. Quit making a never-ending list of excuses and start relying on the God who gives you all that you need.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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