Wednesday Wonders!!(:

Peach Pie

Well, it’s Wednesday! That means that it’s time for me to share a few wonders from the past week! Ya’ll ready? Great! Here we go!

It got cold here in southern Ohio. We ended up with an inch or two of snow Monday Night. Tuesday it was cold but very sunny. It made for some nice shadows and an accidental weird angle shot that looked really cool.

Shadow of Tree in dusting of snow
The sun made a very cool shadow shining right through this tree.
Different Angle
As I went to rotate the camera to get a horizontal shot I accidently pressed the shutter. This is the really cool result.

Saturday  we had a bit of a lunar spectacular. The moon was absolutely beautiful. Here’s one of my favorite pictures.

Moon above tree
Saturday’s moon…

Yesterday was National Pie Day. I discovered that it was National Pie Day at about 5:30 last night. So, the debate was whether or not to make a Banana Cream Pie or have Dad buy a pie at the store. It was decided that it would be quicker if Dad bought a pie. So Dad bought a peach pie on his way home and we enjoyed it with whipped cream. It was really good!

Peach PieSince yesterday was REALLY cold we decided that soup sounded really good. And warm. So I made potato soup for dinner. The good thing about soup for dinner is that you have really good leftovers. I’ve rarely found a soup that doesn’t taste better the second or third day! (:

Potato Soup
Topped with sour cream and shredded cheese. It’s perfect for a cold night…

What are some Wednesday Wonders from your life? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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