Wednesday Wonders!(:

Sparks and Fire

Hey ya’ll!

I’m really sorry about not posting yesterday, our internet was out most of the day. But don’t fear. I’m back to share some wonders with you from this past week.

1) The Beaver Dam has curb appeal:

Brush Pile with DaffodilsThis spot in the yard is fondly called the Beaver Dam. No, we don’t have a pond or anything that would actually attract beavers; we’re all in agreement that it just looks like a beaver dam. We were outside recently when we realized that there were daffodils in front of the beaver dam. We have no idea how they got there as we haven’t done too much with the yard yet.There seem to be daffodils EVERYWHERE in this yard–but hey, it’s a nice pop of color right? We came to the conclusion that currently the beaver dam has more curb appeal than the front of the house…

2) The white flower in the “woods”

White FlowerThe front yard is home to this slightly wooded/unkempt area that we calll the woods. The goal is to tear most of this up and burn it and then potentially expand the drive way. We were out the other day and Mom saw this flower and thought that it was neat growing right in the middle of such dead looking sticks and things.

3) A really cool looking picture of fire

Sparks and FireOne of the things that our family loves to do once the weather breaks is have fires outside. We used to camp outdoors in the Summer. We would pretend that the house was our camper and the back yard was our campsite. So, during the designated weekend we really only slept, did dishes, and got ready for the day in the house. We even were able to make the neighbors wonder what exactly we were doing. Over time, we learned that most things can be cooked on a gas grill. Spaghetti, bread, cookies, pizza, and salsa were all cooked on the grill at one point.

One night earlier this week we decided to have a cook out. We bought hot dogs, made cole slaw and sloppey joes and ate dinner in front of a roaring fire. Toward the end of the night I decided to try to get a good picture of the fire. I usually don’t have very good luck. But once I got out there I remembered that I had a “Night Portrait” setting on my camera. And it worked! This one was my favorite.

I hope that ya’ll have had a good week so far. What are some of the wonders that you have noticed from your life recently? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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