Wednesday Wonders!(:

Sunset Beside Barn

It’s Wednesday again ya’ll! It’s time to take a minute or two and look around you. Reflect over the last week and think about the wonders that God has shown you. He’s always there in the midst of your daily grind. Sometimes we just have to be still and remember His Word.

1) Beautiful Lighting

Cincinnati, OhioOn Saturday night we were walking back to our hotel room to get some dinner and I happened to look to my left and noticed this gorgeous light. I just had to get a picture. Although the subject matter isn’t spectacular I love the lighting and am very happy that my really old, barely functioning phone managed to get a good picture! (:

2) A Colorful Sunset

Sunset Beside Barn
Aside From the Dog smudges I really like this image…

Farm Country

I woke up on Sunday with a bit of a cold. Once we made it home and unloaded the van we crashed for a couple of hours. It felt SO good to sleep in my own bed again…I woke up and was a bit grumpy so I really didn’t want to ride along to pick up Trinity but I didn’t want to stay home alone either. I decided to make the best of the ride and listen to my favorite new album.

I ended up being really glad that I went because if I had stayed home I would have missed this beautiful sunset. And as a bonus, I got to see Trinity’s smiling face. She was SO happy to be going home with her people!

I hope that amid all the crazy in your life this week that you’re able to stop and be still and notice a few of the wonders that God has placed in your path. I’d love for you to share some of your wonders in the comments below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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