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Power Outage Supplies

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“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”
~Matthew 25:13

Ever since I was little Mom has always tried to keep the house picked up. She never expects it to be show-ready or company clean; just straightened so that we don’t have to rush around 30 minutes before someone stops by.

In all honesty though…I usually don’t abide by the rule. If Dad is bringing a friend home from work or someone from church calls and says they’re coming over I’m usually scrambling to pick all of my stuff up and complete the rest of my chores.

But I learned something very important when our power went out again on Tuesday. The second time in one week! The problem this time was that I was putting off a couple of important chores until “later”; (“later” usually means that I put off chores I really don’t want to do until as late as possible hoping by the time “I get around to it” it’s too late and I won’t have to do it.).

One of the important chores that I needed to do I actually wanted to do I was just waiting until I got some more stuff done. Little did I know that the power would go out at 3:30 and not come back on until 10:15 (when it would really be too late to do it). So, what did I do about that chore? We decided to go old school and put to use our knowledge of the “Little House” books and Amish novels along with a little modern ingenuity.

So we got done what really needed to be done as best as possible and we were then able to go get dinner at Wendy’s and just have a nice bit of family time. The best part of Wendy’s was that their large frostys were 50¢! We then walked around a nearby store to pick up a few power outage necessitates and headed home to a dark quiet house. Just as my book was getting good the power came back on…

I tell you all that story to remind you (and me) to just do. I don’t know how many days I just don’t like something so I just avoid it and don’t do it. In reality that doesn’t accomplish anything it just makes more work for the next day and a guilty feeling for today.

So, don’t put off something you know you should do today. Remember, you never know what the day holds.

“…yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring…”
~James 4:14

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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