My 6 Favorite Christmas Songs

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As some of you may know I LOVE Christmas music. We start listening November 1st and don’t stop until December 26th (at least). So, I thought I’d take a minute or two and share with you my 6 favorite Christmas songs. I know that it’s a little odd to list just six, but that’s me… (Note: These are in no particular order).

1) Bing Crosby “White Christmas”

I grew up listening to Bing Crosby. We even have a Bing Crosby singing/dancing doll (he was so well-loved that he now has a permanent case of laryngitis).  Out of all the different versions of “White Christmas,” his is my absolute favorite. 🙂

2) Andy Williams “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Another classic. Every time I hear this song it makes me smile. A few years ago one of the non-cable channels that we have was playing a bunch of his Christmas variety shows and we loved them. Sadly, we haven’t been able to find it again. 😦 As a bonus, this song is also the title of one of our family’s favorite Christmas movies.

3) Steven Curtis Chapman “Christmas in Kentucky”

This song always reminds me of Sherrodsville and spending the holidays with my Great-Grandparents. Listening to it takes me back to my childhood and riding along all the curvy roads.

4) The Carpenter’s “Christmas Portrait”

Okay, technically speaking it’s an entire album of songs. But, I love it. It’s one of my absolute FAVORITE Christmas albums. It’s so relaxing and soothing. One of my favorite things to do (at least once during the Christmas season) is to put the CD in on repeat and lay down in front of the fire with a warm blanket and take a nap. If you listen carefully to track 16 you’ll hear the first verse of “White Christmas”. We’ve never been able to find it recorded anywhere else. But listen close–it’s there.

5) David Bowie and Bing Crosby “The Little Drummer Boy”

I have no idea how we even heard about this song, but it’s really neat. The lyrics have a nice meaningful message and I’m still amazed that they can be singing two different things and don’t get lost!

6) Matthew West “A Christmas to Believe in”

This song just sounds so pretty. I can envision every scene as he sings it. I love the reminder that Christmas isn’t just about the large things. It’s in all the small things that we often overlook. Let’s remember this year to take the time to look for and be thankful for all the little things that this Christmas brings.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on about why I love several other songs, but I think that this list sums it up quite nicely. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite Christmas songs are in the comments. Share them below!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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