A Simple Victory!

Small Aperture Picture

I know that I’ve spent an awful lot of time talking about perseverance but I literally just won a big battle that I’d like to share with you…

When I was going to school for photography we had an assignment were we had to line up different objects and take a picture changing only the aperture (How wide the lens was open. This would end up changing how much of the image was in focus and how much was blurry). Ya’ll I had rolls of film attempting that assignment and it didn’t work. At all. I just couldn’t tell a difference and I had no idea why.

After deciding to start this blog I took an online photography class that had an identical assignment and I got the same results. Still didn’t work. Still having no idea why.

Then I bought a $100 National Geographic course about 2 years ago and still haven’t gotten sufficiently passed lesson two all because I STILL didn’t see a difference when I tried to take a picture of the same scene at different apertures. I’ve tried several different times and something just wasn’t clicking. I was angry and frustrated. It looked SO simple, why wasn’t I getting it?!

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to actually complete this National Geographic Course. Why? Because in the end it would help me to be a better photographer, help me to SEE the everyday moments that I was missing and gain more confidence in my photographic abilities. I virtually spent the first 6 months of the year avoiding it like the plague and feeling guilty because I wasn’t spending much time on photography.

When we started June I realized that I had 6 months to complete this course. That’s plenty of time if I just apply myself and try. Provided I can get through lesson 2 and be able to see the difference when taking a picture at different apertures.

So, I tried lesson 2 again and still the same result. I was angry, discouraged, frustrated, and ready to just throw the whole thing away or at least stay in automatic mode for the rest of my career (I enjoy photography too much to quit entirely).  Mom encouraged me to just break it down and try to figure it out step by step. So, I consulted YouTube. After all I was able to start a blog, learn Photoshop, solve minor tech issues, and improve my business through YouTube, surely I could figure out this aperture thing right?

And you know what? In just an hour or so of watching videos (over a week’s time) and quite honestly not putting in all that much effort I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! It turns out that as the aperture changed I was zooming in on the lens effectively canceling out the aperture changes! (:

Large Aperture Picture
Notice how the stem of the last apple is blurry as is the lantern?
Small Aperture Picture
And see how clear the apple stem and lantern are now? That’s all because I changed the aperture….

There’s a few things that I learned through this experience. 1) Don’t let one bad experience (and 4 broken cameras) determine your success in something. 2) ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try again” and again and again. Go to another source if you have to, get another opinion, do something, don’t just avoid something hard because it’s too hard. Nothing is too hard for God and He’s always on your side (Jeremiah 32:27, Psalm 118:6). 3) Prayer + Trying again with an open mind = better results (even if you don’t succeed at first, you’ll have gotten one step closer).

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

4 responses to “A Simple Victory!”

  1. So happy for you Bailey never give up. Keep on keeping on! Love you Grandma and
    Grandpa Baskett


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Love you too! (:


  2. We learn something from every experience! But you have to be in the arena daring to do the hard things to eventually enjoy your personal victory!!


    1. That’s what I’m learning! (:


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