My Personal Insurance Agent

Shed with Shadow

Just a little while ago I was folding some laundry listening to some of my favorite songs and I came across an ad that I thought was quite interesting. It was for an insurance company…

In the ad an excited man calls his agent and says that his favorite sports team just did really well and the celebrations got a little out of hand and the fans end up flipping a car over. The car is his…

He said something to the effect of “But I don’t want to worry about this right now, you have me covered right?” The agent responded something like “Yep, you’re covered”. Then the man went back to His celebrations.

This ad got me thinking about life. Often times I’ll be having a really good day and then all of a sudden start to worry about something so trivial and quite honestly non-existent in the current moment and I’ll let it ruin my day. Instead, I should just go to God in prayer—like how the man called his agent. And then  RELAX because God‘s got me covered and I can go back to the party of life with a light heart knowing and trusting that when the time comes God will help me to cross that bridge if and when I come to it.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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