A Few Reminders that God is Good…

Corn Stalks

It’s a sunny Friday, Dad’s home for a LONG weekend, and I’ve got a good playlist playing…Truthfully, it’s been such a good week, I’m not even sure where to start! There have been so many good things happen recently! Let’s break it down, shall we?

Around the homestead…

The garden is flourishing! Our corn is looking quite similar to the huge corn fields which makes me hopeful that we’ll not only get some fun Fall decorations but also several ears of corn. We’ll be making a batch of relish sometime this weekend to use up some more cucumbers.

We’ve frozen several bags of Summer Squash and Eggplant. We’re still waiting on the Butternut Squash to turn. I’m looking forward to making a batch or two of pumpkin pie filling using those–that’s how Great-Grandma always made her Pumpkin Pie and I really can’t tell the difference! And in just a few short days we’ll have tomatoes and be knee-deep in diced tomatoes, sauce, and salsa!

Some Good news!

We have family members that have been battling some health issues. After multiple doctor appointments, medication changes, a couple of procedures, and no real change we thought that it was time for something more to be done…Another doctor appointment earlier this week showed us something else, though. Miraculously, the problem corrected itself!! If that’s not proof that God hears our prayers and acts upon them, I don’t know what is…

An Opportunity God brought about…

In March of this year after a lot of prayer and discussion, I decided to close my shop Snapshots of Contentment. Photography wasn’t fun for me anymore, it became more of a chore than a joy. I boxed up all the merchandise and stored it in the closet, thinking that one day I might do something with it. I was at peace with this decision and felt confident that this is what God wanted.

Naturally, I didn’t apply to the Holiday Gift Gallery this year. Honestly, I completely forgot about it until an email landed in my inbox a few days ago. Long story short, God has given me an opportunity to be able to potentially part with a lot of that extra merchandise that was gathering dust in my closet!

The way that all of these pieces fell together gives me no doubt that God was orchestrating this. They’re doing it all online this year due to everything going on. If I’m able I’ll be sure to share that information with you when I get it. In the meantime, I’ll finish filling out the paperwork this weekend and drop everything off on Tuesday and wait…Hoping and praying that God does something with it all…

Family to talk to…

Especially now in light of everything going on I’m thankful that I have a family to talk to. People that let me vent, (and love me anyway), and share my worries and concerns with. It’s SO easy for me to focus solely on everything wrong in the world and get bogged down by it all. I’m thankful that my family not only listens but encourages me and reminds me that there’s often more going on than what we know about and just maybe there’s a LOT more GOOD in this world than we can see. This world may be a really dark forest, but there’s always some rays of sunshine that peek through the trees…

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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