Light Peeking Through the Darkness

Light Through The Trees

A little over a year ago I went hiking with a friend at a local Nature Preserve…I got to take my camera along which made it more fun! I’ve always been fascinated by great light and that day, in particular, the light that shone through the leaves was stunning…

It’s no secret what’s going on in our world today. The unrest, the anger, the abuse of power, and the immorality that is plaguing our Nation. And you know what, it scares me. It makes me sad, and frustrated, and so, so angry that this is somehow allowed to continue…

I was having a discussion with Mom recently about just how much has changed in 2020 and where it all might lead…She reminded me of this hike that I took a year ago. She reminded me of the photos that I was able to capture. Photos that show the beauty of light peeking through the darkness.

The world is a very dark place, there’s no question about it. But you know what also exists in the world? Hope and light. Yeah, it may be a little harder to see right now, but it’s there! You may be asking me how I am so sure there is still good in the world when everywhere we look darkness appears to be looming like the Charlie Brown rain cloud.

I see it. I see light peeking through the darkness like the light that was peeking through those leaves.

In my life alone there are several instances where I’ve seen God be active, rearrange things, and bring about good in 2020:

  • The house and property that we have. Had we been quarantined in the old house we would have gone stir-crazy after a couple of weeks and we wouldn’t have been able to plant as big of a garden!
  • Dad is now back at work and has been for a couple of months and Bradley’s job was never interrupted!
  • The flourishing garden…God is the One who’s making all the produce grow–not us!
  • Being able to can, and freeze all of that produce, raise our own meat birds, and this year’s Thanksgiving Turkey!
  • Changes to the way that I think. So many things have been rearranged in just a few short months!

…And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Something that has been brought to my attention more times than not in the past several months is that what we focus on we will see more of. If we’re constantly looking at all the ways the world as we know it is crumbling that’s what we’ll see. But if we instead focus on the good, the ways that God is moving in our world and the good that is happening around us we’ll see more of it!

Looking at life this way isn’t meant to be naive. We still need to be aware of what’s going on, but that shouldn’t be our main focus! God has given another day on earth to glorify Him, how best can we do that today? I’m not very good at taking life day-by-day and week-by-week yet, but I’m getting a little better at taking it one day at a time, of finding the good and reminding myself that there is still good going on the world, probably more than we realize…

“This world may be a really dark forest, but there’s always some rays of sunshine that peek through the trees…” Instead of focusing on the darkness that overwhelms us let’s focus on the light that continues to shine despite the darkness!

“When darkness is at its darkest, a star shines the brightest”
~Louis Philippe

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

2 responses to “Light Peeking Through the Darkness”

  1. Leslie R Lawson Avatar
    Leslie R Lawson

    Great message, love the pictures too! God bless and keep you in peace! Russ


    1. Thank you! (:


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