Happenings on the Homestead

The Original Alarm Clock Shirt

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I honestly used to think Daylight Savings Time was a good idea. Now, not so much! I seriously wonder how we’ve managed to survive with it this long! It’s confusing and leaves pretty much everyone exhausted for a solid week or two until we finally get adjusted only to have to get readjusted again in the Fall.

We’ve been fortunate to take the last couple of weeks pretty slow. There’s been a lot of resting and recharging taking place which is good considering the Spring Rush is just a few short weeks away. We recently re-watched the Narnia Trilogy. I have to say that each time I watch the movies I learn something new. Something that makes me love the movies (and the books) is the way that C.S. Lewis takes something so very complex and somewhat confusing and breaks it down in a way that makes sense and that helps us understand the Bible, the sacrifice of Jesus, and our own struggles with sin so much more clearly. I think that in a lot of ways we all have a little bit of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy in all of us.

As far as our lives on the homestead, things have been going well. We started Egg-Glassing this week. Egg Glassing is an old-fashioned way to preserve eggs for the Winter using Hydrated Lime and water.

We gave the rest of the store-bought eggs to the birds this morning. Hopefully, we won’t need to be buying store-bought eggs for quite a while!

On Wednesday I launched 4 new Spring Shirts and added bags to the store as well. I created one shirt with a rooster on it that said “The Original Alarm Clock”. I figured it was a fun shirt and fit the homesteading “vibe” if you will.

That said, I had NO idea that we actually HAVE a rooster! Yesterday while out doing the chores Mom and JoJo heard a very distinct “Cock-a-doodle-doo”! 😲 Turns out that Roxy the ugly Naked Neck Chicken is actually a he! So, after the initial shock we have decided to get him a new home ASAP and are currently keeping him away from the hens–don’t worry everyone can still see each other! As much as I get creeped out at the thought of actually having a rooster I’m thankful that we were able to catch it early and that we’re able to take some precautions to avoid adding to our flock.

I’m looking forward to spending some time outside this weekend soaking up these Spring temperatures!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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