A Good Friday filled with Thanksgiving!

Mother and Daughter smiling at the camera

There’s been a lot of answered prayers and potential unfolding this week and I can’t help but be thankful!

I started the week with some technical issues. Again. I am very happy (and relieved) to report that the issues have been fixed! I’ve dealt with tech issues on and off since I started this blog in 2016. I’m getting tired of always having to put out fires. Every time I had to put a fire out, no one could tell me how it started. Figuring out how to prevent it from catching fire again was even more of a challenge! So, I have taken some steps behind the scenes (I’ll spare you the fancy blogging terms), to hopefully prevent this from ever happening again! *IF* something like this ever does happen again it should be 1,000 times easier to fix!

To be honest with you, this blog wouldn’t exist without my family and my blogging mentors!

My family and friends have not only encouraged me, helped with ideas, and been available for discussions 24/7/365. I’ve been so blessed with a blogging mentor that has offered her help in more ways than I can say! I send a message and within a few hours, I have an answer or some sort of direction to go. She’s recommended companies, themes, add-ons, etc. She’s helped me figure out how to do SO much on this site, it’s not even funny! I can honestly say that without her, this site would NOT be what it is right now! You know who you are and I just want to say “THANK YOU!” one more time for all of your help! 🥰

I’m thankful that we’ve had so many sunny days this week! Technically it snowed yesterday but the majority of the week has been nice and sunny and I’m so thankful! I was even able to get out and about earlier this week and enjoy some of the sunshine and warm temperatures! I put on a dress, wore contacts and a fancy hat for the first time in months and it felt really good!

And then there’s today, Good Friday. The day that is traditionally celebrated as the day that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for OUR sins!

I designed a shirt simply titled “Valued” that I released at the start of Spring. I’m wearing it right now, and I can’t think of a better shirt to wear this Good Friday. Why? Because even though it’s Friday and it’s dark and it looks like evil has won, “Sunday is coming”. The truth is, God was just getting started. There’s SO much more to come. The story isn’t over.

God started with love, with value. We as humanity screwed up. We made mistakes. But He saw something more in us. Something of value, something that was worth love and HE PAID THE HIGH COST OF WHAT IT TOOK TO BRING US BACK TO HIM. He sent His One and Only Son to this earth to live a perfect life, to conquer sin so that He could DIE on the cross for OUR sins!

I’m thankful for a lot of little things today, but Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, what He went through because HE VALUED me, He LOVED me is something that I will never cease being thankful for!

Happy Easter everyone! “It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming!”

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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