Summer on the Homestead!

Children being goofy

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For us, Summer is often spent working around the house or stay-cations close to home. Usually, it’s a day trip to a museum, visits to family in Northeast Ohio, or doing something fun around town. To be honest we’re not really travelers or vacationers. We prefer to travel the world from the comfort of our couch, in our PJs watching “Drive Thru History“. The few times that we do go on a vacation it’s usually in the Fall. There are way fewer people, it’s not too hot, not too cold, and we enjoy seeing all the fall colors. When we’ve actually gone on vacation we’ve gone camping or piggybacked some fun activities around necessary travel.

We went tent camping once and were blessed with some defective sunscreen…

It stormed the last night we were there and we spent the night in the van terribly sunburned. Or there was the time we went fishing on the levee. The goal was to hopefully get the hang of casting. In reality, the “river” was a very shallow, rocky stream. Almost all the bobbers floated downstream, I ended up cutting my thumb on the hook, I’m pretty sure someone got their line caught in the branches of a nearby tree, and climbing back up that levee was nearly the death of us.

Back a few years ago when we went to a couple of conventions each Spring we’d go early and explore. Checking out a fun museum or something near where we were staying that sounded fun. We have family near Nashville so the few times we’ve gone down to visit (usually sometime between October and December), we end up exploring Nashville and the surrounding areas. I love visiting the Opryland Hotel–especially around Christmas. We all enjoyed visiting Antique Archelogy and we even got to visit the Parthenon and Stone’s River Battle Field Museum.

Growing up we spent a lot of Summers in the backyard.

We often spent long weekends camping at home. Dad would come home Friday and announce that nobody was leaving the house until Tuesday morning when he left for work. We’d treat the house like a camper going in only to sleep, get food, and use the bathroom. The majority of our time was spent outside. Cooking meals on our grill or the teeny-tiny firepit that we had. Us kids would spend time playing. Swimming, playing in the sandbox, working in the garden, or running through the sprinkler.

What has always defined Summer for me is celebrating Independence Day.

Kids watching a movie

We always make a big deal out of the holiday. More times than not we’ll spend the afternoon and evening at the local Rec Center for the fireworks. They have live music and vendors set up on one side. We usually get fried chicken, potato salad, chips, and M&M Peanuts. Make some cookies and melon salad, throw some folding chairs and a few games in the back of the van, and make a day out of it. We’ll park farther away from the crowd and venture “to the land of people” around 7 or so for ice cream and funnel cakes. Watch the fireworks and then head home about 11:30 once the traffic dies down.

That’s usually why after July 4th I’m ready for pumpkins, sweaters, and 60°. While it’s true that I’m not a fan of Summer I am learning to make the most of it. Enjoying watching the garden grow, spending time on the porch, and wearing Sundresses. We’re all learning to make the most of the land, and garden that we have. Making the most of each day that we’ve been given–even the hot and muggy ones! 😉

“This is the day that the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.”
~Psalm 118:24

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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