2022 Seeds

2022 Garden Plan

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Even though we ordered our seeds in February last year, they didn’t get here until late June/early July. So, when the time came to plant the garden in May we had to go buy seeds and starts. Then we had a much cooler summer causing the garden to suffer. Our tomato plants died early and we didn’t get nearly as many quarts as we normally do. Our corn was demolished by the wind and the squash took forever to ripen.

So this year we decided to get an early start. And by early I mean January 1st.

Really the last month or so we’ve been talking about what we want to do on the Homestead this year. Projects we want to do, animals we want to get, notes we want to take, and what we want to plant in the garden.

On January 1st we sat down with our garden binder and took a look at what the garden looked like in 2020 and 2021. What we planted where, what grew well, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what we want to try and grow.

Each year we draw a simple sketch of the garden beds and note what gets planted where when we plant it. It’s not fancy or drawn to scale. Just enough of an outline so we have an idea of what’s been where so we can rotate the crops.

2020 Garden Layout

While I’m sure there’s a more scientific method to crop rotation ours is very simple.

We just rotate the beds. To the best of our ability making sure that tomatoes (or any plant) is not in the exact same spot of the garden 2 years in a row. But sometimes it happens and it’s no big deal we just try to rotate the crops. Look closely at the photos above and you’ll see what I mean.

Then we make a list of all the plants and herbs we want to grow. We’re not too picky on the individual varieties as long as the seeds are Heirloom. We prefer the Heirloom seeds because you can save seeds from the produce and plant the same thing next year! It’s something we’re working toward but we’ll still plant a hybrid once in while to try it out.

The varieties we’re pretty picky about are tomatoes.

We prefer San Marzano Tomatoes (similar to Roma tomatoes) but they’re meatier meaning that we get more tomato and less water so they’re better for canning. Cherry tomatoes for salads, and a larger “sandwich” tomato. Something like Better Boy or Big Boy so that we have thick round slices of tomatoes for BLTs or just for eating. And honestly, when I make spaghetti with homemade tomatoes, or when we need a few more tomatoes we’ll use whatever is ripe at the time.

And we prefer peas that have purplish pods because they are much easier to see and harvest than the green podded peas. Sadly though, the peas are green, not purple. 😥

Once we all discuss what we want to grow and we have our list, Dad sits down and places the order. This year we ordered the seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds–a company we’ve had success with in the past. And guess what? The seeds got here last week!

2022 Seeds

In addition to the seeds arriving, we’re also working on figuring out a way to start the seeds indoors. We’re looking at getting some grow lights and a little portable greenhouse. Mom got a garden/homestead planner book for Christmas that gives a general outline of what to do when on the Homestead. So, a few people have been looking through that and discussing things we need to be thinking about doing.

Homesteading is a lifestyle. A give and take, work and rest. For the most part, Winter is a time where we rest and plan. Watching the weather and making hay when the sun shines but taking full advantage of the time we CAN rest and just be.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue