Chickens, Brussels Sprouts, & a Little Garden Update

The Chicken yard butts up to the back of the garden for two reasons: 1) It was the best place to lay it out based on the lay of the land, what we already have in place, & what our future goals are 2) It makes weeding easier. Since we throw all the weeds to the chickens it’s handy to have the chickens close to the garden.

However, sometimes the chickens are sneaky. The other night when Bradley & JoJo went out to do chores they realized that a couple of the chickens had snuck into the garden and helped themselves to the Brussels Sprouts and did some minor damage to the onions! 😥 We lost at least a row (maybe 2) of Brussels Sprouts & we eat them on regular basis! It stinks!

But here’s the thing…That’s not all that’s in the garden. Just this week we harvested two more zucchini & tried a new recipe for roasted zucchini that turned out well.

The first 5 cucumbers that we’ll make into pickles or relish, & a small handful of green beans that have already been blanched & frozen just waiting for enough to can.

We’ve already harvested a few hot banana peppers that we put on some pizza last week.

There are several small zucchini, baby pumpkins that we made some hammocks for, & a few green tomatoes.

Several more cucumbers growing on the vine, some Butternut Squash that we’ll use for Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving & Acorn Squash. We’ll need to harvest more beans tonight & our sweet potato plants are looking healthy. Here in a month or so we’ll be researching how to plant a Fall cold crop and start some spinach, kale, & peas. And we’re convinced that the corn gets a little taller every day!

But here’s the thing. In order to see all that we have growing, you have to physically turn away from the Brussels Sprouts!

Yeah, I know it sounds like I’m making a dramatic point, which I am. But I’m also dead serious. If you’re looking at the Brussles Sprouts, you’re at the far end of the garden, facing the chicken coop. In order to see the squash, cucumbers, corn, asparagus, or anything else that’s planted you physically have to turn around!

And turning around from what we’ve lost to what we have yet to gain changes our perspective!

Yes, we lost several Brussels Sprout plants…but look at what all we’ve been given! And I couldn’t help but realize that certain life situations are similar. Now, this is not to say that all of life’s difficulties can be solved by simply looking at our blessings…they can’t. Not only is that okay but in many cases, it’s to be expected. However, those trivial things that we so easily get caught up in? Often times those are easily solved by simply looking at all the ways God has blessed us…What’s already right in front of our faces. We may just need a new perspective…

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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