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3 Ways to Begin ACCEPTING the Season of Life God has Called Me to Live

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Life’s been pretty good lately. I’ve noticed that the “woe is me” days aren’t quite as frequent as they once were, and when they do come they don’t last as long…

I’ve still been dealing with bad attitudes, forgotten chores, and misplaced priorities, but for the most part I’ve become aware of the lurking heart issues and am working on making the necessary physical and attitude adjustments.

This has NOT been an overnight process, it’s taken mistakes, prayer, conversations with close Christian mentors (mostly my Mom), less time online doing useless things, and lots of fear/drama slaying.

I’ve realized that I DO have a choice. I can either ACCEPT where it is that God has placed me and FIND THE JOY in that place or I can be ANGRY at God for not moving according to my timeline. Something that I’ve realized is that when I begin to accept where it is that God placed me and start DOING those things that I’ve been avoiding like the plague for whatever measly excuses I’ve created; I find a little bit more joy and peace.

Accepting where God has us yet wanting and some days longing to be in another season (either past or future) is a challenge, but it’s one that is worth the work. So, here’s three things that I did on my way to accepting where God has placed me…

1) Counting my blessings

1,000 Gifts_with text

Inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book “1,000 Gifts” that I read several years ago I decided to once again create a written and numbered list of just a few blessings from each day. I’ll go pretty in-depth in order to explain the blessing so that 40 years from now hopefully I’ll remember why I put that there, but you don’t have to. Just write down a few things from each day that you’re thankful for–I think you’ll be surprised by how many you find. I carry a small notebook around with me daily so as to write some of them down as they come to me throughout the day and then I transfer them to my numbered list the next morning during my Devo time.

2) I quit reading useless things on the Internet!

This one’s pretty big. Before I made this change I was spending HOURS reading articles about all sorts of famous people and what they were doing, things they were writing on social media, even what they were wearing and where. I’d get on a couple of “good news” sites and just read story after story. As a newbie to Instagram I was also checking out the explorer feed quite a bit and most of those posts were from people I’d never met… All the while comparing my life to theirs, thinking that my life was boring and I just wasn’t doing enough in the day… When I finally put an end to that I found that although I was bored I wasn’t quite as depressed or angry because I didn’t have what they have.

3) Watching less T.V. and being very particular about what shows we watch

Recently we decided that we didn’t like several of the T.V. shows we were watching. So, we quit watching them and started watching several of those “older” T.V. shows. Usually, we spend most evenings doing some minor running around or working outside. We also started eating most of our meals at the dining room table listening to our nightly Bible reading (…That may or may not have been related to that one time I spilled Chuckwagon Chili on the couch cushion…).

These changes didn’t happen overnight and they aren’t always easy to stay with. However, I can tell a difference! Right now it’s a small one, but all it takes is one small step in the right direction followed by another in order to make a change. I hope that the changes that I’ve made will encourage you to take a look at your own life and learn along the way to make the necessary changes that lead to the contentment and peace that Jesus speaks of.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

6 thoughts on “3 Ways to Begin ACCEPTING the Season of Life God has Called Me to Live”

  1. Great strategies, Bailey! I enjoy an hour of quiet reading almost every night. It calms down my mind and offers a good reason to stop working for the day!!

  2. Great message! I hope this is widely read, We practice some of the same things in our home. We have on cable or satellite and watch mainly ME tv which is mainly the good old shows from the past. We also do a lot of reading besides our daily bible reading and eat most of our meals at the table and talk.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I have definitely had stages in life where I have “given up” certain shows too, i found myself being less grateful about my home and all I did have when it didn’t match up to the perfection I saw on TV. Great points!

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