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A Change of Plans…

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As I was looking through some old documents for another blog post that I’m hoping to write soon I came across something that I wanted to share with you.

6th grade writing assignment

I’m pretty sure that I wrote this in 6th grade. I had some pretty big dreams back then. In fact, 6th grade was where I first discovered that I really enjoyed writing. I remember wanting to be like John Boy Walton from The Waltons’“. I loved how he wrote about what he knew and what he loved. I really loved how as you read what he wrote you could envision being there. You could really feel what he was feeling… I hope one day to be able to write like that. To take you on a journey. To tell a story within the bigger story of God’s grand plan for this world.

Bailey Sue Writing

9 years later we like to laugh and say that I’m the modern-day John Boy if you will. I get to write and share my life with you just like he did. Little did I know how influential a character from the 1970’s would be on my life today.  But even when I get worried about my writing potentially being rejected we have to smile because there’s an episode of The Walton’s where John-Boy is discouraged by yet another rejection letter and he tells Grandma that he has enough rejection letters to wallpaper his bedroom… I’ve got a long way to go!

The other thing I wanted to do was to own a restaurant. I had big dreams to open an old diner selling good home cooking. You know, the dishes that grandma grew up with. The article above was either something that I had to write for English class or computer class. We had to design a restaurant in order to learn some computer skills, (none of which I remember to this day!). So, I guess that I had some entrepreneurial thoughts early on…

Little Bailey Cooking

It’s kind of funny how things change. Although I still love to visit restaurants and cook good food, cooking has become more of a hobby. Writing on the other hand has become a passion. A way that I process the events of life and try to find all of the good that God is doing.

The thing that stuck out to me when I read that old assignment was the age that I gave myself. Twenty-seven. I guess at 12 years old 27 seems really far away. I couldn’t help but think, “Why is it that I feel like I have to have that level of success right now?”

This isn’t to say that I don’t strive to be successful, I just think that maybe I expect too much of myself too soon. I forget to look back and see where it is I started from and where I am now and just how far I’ve come–how far God has brought me.  I can get so caught up in dwelling on how I should’ve done that, I could’ve done this, or I wish I would have done that SO much sooner. I forget that God knew that I was going to do this or that YEARS before I ever did (Psalm 139:16).

And you know what? He’s made us a promise. He’s promised to take everything bad in our lives and make good come from it (Romans 8:28). That means even those woulda’s, coulda’s and shoulda’s of my life and your life. Yes, we are all going to have some regrets in this life. Things that we know we should have done differently. But that doesn’t mean that we have to park our minds there. We can choose to give it to God and try again tomorrow. Trusting in His promises and resting in His grace.

I encourage you to give yourself some grace. You’ll get where you’re going soon enough. But don’t forget where you are today. Take a minute to look back and see how far He’s brought you and trust that He won’t leave you where you are now. You aren’t who you were and you’re not who you’re going to be…

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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  1. Enjoyed this blog a lot,you are very good at expressing your self in words. God has given you a special talent so thank him and seek his guidance. Loved the sweet picture
    Of you in the kitchen helping it is percious. Love you Grandma and Grandpa B.

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