Merry Christmas 2017_with text

A Christmas Card for you!

My dear reader,

I hope that this card finds you and your family well this Christmas season. I just wanted to take a minute of your time to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year. I have some big hopes and dreams for 2018 and am excited to bring you along on the journey. I hope that in the coming year we all may be able to see all of the wonderful gifts that our loving Father has given us. I pray that we will be able to find joy in what God has called each of us to do and that we will be able to serve Him gladly. That we will hold nothing back…Giving Him everything. Doing all for His glory knowing through faith that our reward is coming. Becoming content in our everyday. Whatever that happens to look like. Serving God with everything we have and clinging to Him. May you continually grow closer to Him in 2018!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue