Jasper Newton

A Couple of Good Weeks!

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Summer is in full swing on the Homestead. Thankfully it looks like we’ll get a little break from the heat this coming week–the lows will be in the mid-60’s! (:

We’ve been really busy the past couple of weeks harvesting and processing the spoils of our garden. We also added a new member to the family! A little over 2 weeks ago we got Jasper–a miniature Australian Shepherd. He’s a little timid but warming up to his new environment well. He and Trinity are getting along well considering Trinity was the only dog for 3.5 years. So far, Jasper loves to hang out with JoJo, eat popcorn in the evening and wakes up in the morning eager for an adventure! I consider myself a morning person but that dog has a lot more energy than I do first thing in the morning! (:

Despite continuing regulations and guidelines, I’m thankful that some of life is returning to “normal”. Earlier this week I was able to get together with a couple of friends. We spent some time talking and catching up, baking Lemon Bars, and playing games. Sorry” may be an “old” game but it’s one that I really enjoy! It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of thinking!

It’ll be just a few short weeks and then Fall will be here! So, we’ve been scouring the internet and canvasing our cookbook collection for some new recipes using the fresh produce from the garden. We’re trying a couple of new recipes from our favorite cookbooks for Dinner tonight and we’ll be making some vegetable soup in the crockpot tomorrow! Soup Season is almost here and I can’t wait!

Before we know it it’ll cool off, the leaves will change color, they’ll be fires in the fireplace, and lots of good food on the table! In the meantime, we keep learning, growing, and making the most of where we are in our lives!

I hope that you have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue