Children in matching shirts

A Few of my Favorite Homeschooling Memories…

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I know that I say that I was mad most of my homeschooling career… and I was. But the more that I’m out of school; the more I look back and see such sweet memories that were made. Things that we as a family really enjoyed and sometimes wish we could do again.

So today, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things that made the biggest impact on my homeschooling years.

1) Learning to learn.

Page from WWII Scrapbook
A page from a WWII Scrapbook I made in the 8th Grade…

This is one that I’ve really fallen back on the longer I’ve been out of school. But being homeschooled taught me how to learn. While making lap books about birds, interviewing my Great-Grandfather about his time serving in WWII, or listening to “Little House in the Big Woods” falling asleep at night. I was learning how to learn.

I was shown first hand that not everyone learns the same way. I LOATHE big text books. My siblings LOVE them. You have to find what works for you even if that means going through three or four Science curriculums in one year…  and sometimes even the answer key doesn’t have all the answers and you have to consult the internet (or your Numbers-Smart Father)  to figure out how in the world they got that answer! I learned the best way to ask Google for all the answers the answer key didn’t have in the quickest way possible.

In fact when I was going to school I had to take a very basic Chemistry course. Y’all I LOATHED Chemistry in High school and did everything in my power to avoid it. But because I knew how I learned best I knew what to look for and how to manipulate things so that I could understand the concepts and I knew where to get help for the things that were beyond my ability.

2) Pajamas

That rumor you hear about homeschoolers doing school in their jammies is true. It was one of my very favorite things. I loved be able to do school while being comfy on the couch or spread out all over the floor. I was no longer confined to a rigid schedule, lots of homework and a desk for 8 hours a day. I could work at my own pace and make sure that I understood the material before I moved on. I didn’t have to worry about having the best clothes or “fitting in” because my class mates were my family and I already fit in and had some lifelong friends even if we fought once in a while…

3) The Biblical Knowledge that I have gained

Children in matching shirts
Minutes after Bradley and Billie Jo’s Baptism… Yes, we wore our matching shirts intentionally! (:

Being homeschooled allowed us to incorporate Bible study and prayer into our everyday life more easily. Our curriculum was Bible-based and incorporated the truths of Scripture into Science and History. Things like “Drive Thru History—Ancient History” filled in the gaps between the Bible and World History all while making us laugh.

We spent time each morning in the Bible reading and discussing it as a family. And at night we’d gather around the CD player and listen to the Bible together as a family. There was one time we even did our Bible reading with our Grandparents!

In fact we started homeschooling in June of 2010. In October of that year I was baptized into Christ and two years later on June 25, 2012 both Bradley and Billie Jo we’re baptized…I have no doubt that God used our homeschooling journey to draw us closer to Him along the way!

There’s SO much more that I could share with you about being homeschooled and the lessons that I was taught along the way. It’s so much more than just the academics. It’s learning how to live a life that glorifies God to the best of our ability!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue