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A Little Bit of Christmas…

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After Sunday’s unexpected power outage I’ve realized that there are SO many often overlooked blessings in our lives. So, this week I thought I’d take some time to share a few of the “smaller” blessings with you!

I don’t think you can ever have too many Christmas songs, lights, and decorations!

Christmas music is peppy, encouraging and reminds us of days gone by but also of the blessings that we’ve got right in front of us! This week alone we bought two new albums! Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers “Once Upon A Christmas” and another Bing Crosby Christmas album! (Can you ever have too many Bing Crosby Christmas albums? Just asking for a friend… 😉)! This one is one that I saw last year but wasn’t able to get it!! It’s simply called “Merry Christmas” and not only is it vinyl, but ours is WHITE VINYL!! 😁😁

We have a few more outdoor lights to hang up and then that project is done! Hopefully, we’ll be able to finish that tonight or tomorrow that way we’ll be able to turn them on Thanksgiving night! I LOVE Christmas lights, especially the way they sparkle and light up the night. The ones inside along with a fire in the fireplace make the house is so warm and cozy! The lights remind me of the hope that we have in Christ and the responsibility that I have to let my little light shine!

I could not wait for this sweatshirt to come in! And I have to tell you that it is SO COMFORTABLE! It’s soft and warm and just as cozy as it looks! As always, the design is available in multiple colors and styles RIGHT HERE!

Christmas dishes are another favorite decoration of mine.

I rarely drink coffee, if I’m being honest; but this time of the year I make sure to enjoy a hot drink as often as I can. My Dad’s Mom really likes the Spode dishes and got my parents a set when they got married. Over time Mom and Dad have added to the collection here and there. I love them because they have a vintage feel to them with the old-fashioned Christmas tree and Santa! And my very favorite part is the little tea cups and saucers! 😍

There’s just something about having a nice warm meal on festive dishes, in our warm and comfy clothes, with the Christmas lights and lanterns lit, and Bing Crosby crooning “White Christmas”.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Everyone will be pausing and thinking of the many blessings that we’ve been given. Let’s not forget about all the little ways that God blesses us each and every day!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue