Easter Dinner 2022

A Little Bit of Everything…

Well hi! It’s been a little while. Two weeks ago is when I changed the name of the site. Since then I’ve been keeping busy behind the scenes with lots of busywork. In all honesty, it’s been a lot of icky techy things. Updating account settings, applying to new programs, and trying to remember every account I’ve ever associated with the old email. Who knew one little email address would be that important?!

Tri-Color Treats is plugging away. Our slow season is slowly coming to an end. We’re gearing up for our second show of the year next month, creating new recipes, and registering for Farmer’s Markets this Summer.

We’ve done a little celebrating too. Dad’s birthday was earlier this month and he wanted tacos for dinner that night. So, we made homemade tacos, burritos, and Pioneer Woman’s Curried Rice. For dessert we made a Lemon Sponge Cake.

The Holidays are going to be different this year with Bradley working on or near them.

I’m not necessarily looking forward to that and I’m reminding myself that a lot can happen in a short amount of time and to take it one holiday at a time. Easter was really a small affair this year.

For one thing, it was COLD, but sunny. I ended up having to change dresses at the last minute so that I could wear a pair of leggings under my dress for warmth. Bradley got home Easter morning and thankfully we made it to Church a few minutes early! After Church we came home and had our traditional ham dinner followed by spending much of the afternoon resting.

Despite the snow we were greeted with on Monday the Homestead has been a buzz with activity.

Our seedlings are continuing to grow and we’re planning on expanding the garden yet again this weekend. We let the cats out of the shed for the first time this past weekend and they seem to be enjoying their new found freedom. We’ve spotted them up trees, on the carport roof, and one of them even caught a small snake!

We’re also planning on clipping the chicken’s wings this weekend so they can’t fly over the gate and start foraging. Apperantly Sunny flew over the gate and was wandering around the yard. Our neighbor saw that she escaped and let Dad know. We didn’t know that she was out when we let the dogs out. JoJo notices that the dogs took off running rather suspiciously and figures out what’s going on just as Dad called Mom to let us know. Meanwhile the neighbor literally drops whatever he was doing at the time and helps JoJo get the bird safely back into the chicken yard and even offered to take care of the bird if Trinity accidently killed it.

Earlier this week we were gifted some pheasants from some neighbors that are relocating out of state. In order to move the pheasants to our property we asked our other neighbor–the same one mentioned above (who’s property actually lays behind and beside us) if we could take it through his yard. He was fine with that and even volunteered his time and the use of his UTV to help us move it.

Ya’ll, that enclosure was HEAVY. It took 2-3 hours to move the pheasants and their enclosure 50ish feet.

We ended up having to lift the enclosure up several feet on one side to get it on the trailer and then lift the back of the enclsure on the trailer. Lug the entire thing through the yard, out the driveway, and down the street. Rearranging the neighbors driveway and yard to fit the UTV and trailer through. Then with a little fancy manuvering and some more heavy lifting getting it adjusted in our yard. Finally the pheasants could move in! So far, they’ve adjusted well.

Sometimes it amazes me…Technically I grew up in the Suburbs and we’re really new to this homesteading thing. But in reality, I feel as though I was born in the country. God first, family, and living off the land. Neighbors helping neighbors, looking out for each other simply becasue it’s the right thing to do. Maybe, the world would be a little better if we started simply loving our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31)…

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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