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A Little Christmas in July!

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Merry almost Christmas in July! I don’t know if you’re the type of person that loves to celebrate Christmas all year long or if you just like to make sure that when Christmas comes along you have all your ducks in a row. Either way, THIS post is for you!

I’ve gone back through the archives on both the blog and my shop to share with you some of my very favorite Christmas posts, photos, merchandise, and gift ideas today!!

If you don’t like the idea of celebrating Christmas several months early don’t worry just look at this as a way to get ahead of the holiday hubbub. Order now, and avoid stressful crowded stores later. And if you happen to enjoy celebrating Christmas all year long? Well scroll on through and enjoy yourself!

1st lets start off with my favorite posts…

I LOVE listening to Christmas music (I’m one of those people that starts listening November 1st and doesn’t stop until the New year)…. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite Christmas songs and my favorite Christmas album!  

Christmas CDs_with text
Look closely…Just above the radio you can see one of our Fall pictures hanging!

I also LOVE a good Christmas movie! And if that movie is paired with a coordinating snack? I love it even more!  For the last couple of years, I’ve taken 12 movies and found a coordinating snack to eat while watching it! I’ve seen and love each of these movies! In fact, I own almost all of them! Which ones have you seen? Are there any that you love to watch each year that aren’t included? Let me know in the comments below…it might just be added to this year’s list!

12 Movies and Snacks of Christmas Vol. 1

12 Movies and Snack of Christmas Vol. 2

Sometimes though it can be a little challenging because life never seems to look like the movies…especially at Christmas.  However that doesn’t mean that there’s not a little something special in the air at Christmas. A little Christmas magic if you will…

Finally if this heat and humidity are driving you absolutely nuts and you just want to stay inside all day. Why not read a Christmas book? After all there’s never enough time in December to read all the pretty Christmas books. And it may just help you to cool down. (Trust me when I say it probably will. Just try listening to “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We did that once in the Fall or Winter and almost FROZE…)

Now, that you’re in the Christmas Spirit why not tackle the shopping?

Shopping for everyone on your gift list can be overwhelming and exhausting! What do you get and how do you make it a little different than in years past? Well, why not get them something new? Snapshots of Contentment (This shop was closed in 2020), has several designs available on merchandise that you use everyday! Things like bags, jewelry, coffee mugs, and even home decor! If you’d like to see a breakdown of all the categories of merchandise available check out my Pinterest HERE!

If you’re not finding anything there that floats your boat, don’t worry I’ve got another shop HERE that has even more merchandise! Here’s where you’ll find a variety of items that are perfect for decorating your home. There’s canvases (8×10, 5×7, and miniature ones), coffee mugs, drink coasters, framed photos, magnets and small storage boxes.

These items would make great gifts for newlyweds, recent college grads, and neighbors remodeling their home. Also keep in mind that these would also be great as an encouraging gift to a friend…Something to give them to remind them that God loves them and is there with them wherever they are!

And if you’ve got a reader on your list, I’ve got just the thing! Back in January of this year I wrote and released my very first book “Finding True Love: A 14 day devotional exploring the deep love that God has for us!”

Valentines Day Devo COVER

And while you’re at it why not get yourself a little something too? Remember that if you get something with a Christmas-y design now you’ll be able to use it right after Thanksgiving and not wait a week for it to arrive! (:

In all honesty, Christmas really is my favorite time of the year. The chilly weather, the snow, the lights, decorations, family get togethers…All of it brings back some very special memories. I hope that this little adventure through the archives has brought back happy Christmas memories for you and has you ready to make some new memories this coming Christmas!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

P.S. Here’s a few more of my favorite Christmas items that aren’t listed above…I hope you enjoy!