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A Motivational Kick in the Pants!

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I’m not quite sure what it is but there’s something invigorating about attending the Great  Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. In 2017 I went in with a list of legal questions hoping to get a few answers and I was told to think less and dream more. Those few words were just what I needed to hear…

I spent the last year trying to do just that. I’ve made some improvements, stepped out of my comfort zone, and really enjoyed just trying new things. But the truth is I’ve always feared that this business venture of mine wouldn’t work. In the back of my mind, I’ve kept a running list of other employment opportunities for a just in case scenario. Thinking, “I’ll work hard at this business thing, but just in case this doesn’t work out the library is hiring. I could apply there.” Or “This is NOT growing as fast as I hoped and I’m not sure this is gonna work out. So, I ‘ll just do a quick internet search to see what’s available.

We’ve talked about how this demonstrates a lack of faith and I’ve prayed that I would see God leading me where it is that He wants me to go. And every time I end up back here. Doing this blog and business thing is what I feel called to do.

I wasn’t sure what I’d find this year at the convention because as we’ve gotten older we’re beginning to outgrow it. Most of the curriculum is set for the last few years of The King’s Academy. Our homeschooling journey is coming to an end which is bittersweet. But at this convention I found something I wasn’t expecting…

I found a community of people like myself. My people. People who are successful at this home-based business thing. Brave individuals that started their business with a dream, passion, and desire to help others. Yes, they hoped to make this a full time income, but making money was NEVER their end goal. More often than not they wanted to use the talents that God had given them to the best of their ability to advance HIS KINGDOM–NOT their own wallets.

And y’all that was SO encouraging to me. I guess that I always believed that this business thing was possible because Jesus says that all things are possible for him that believes (Mark 9:23). But it’s been a whole other thing to SEE what hard work, perseverance, and prayer can accomplish. I left Friday evening feeling that this REALLY  AND TRULY WAS POSSIBLE.

I saw other entrepreneurs openly and  willingly offer advice and encouragement. They shared what they knew in an effort to help someone else free of charge. They listened to a crazy, over tired, over excited, and over stimulated girl ramble on about her hopes and dreams with a simple, “How neat! God bless you.” Someone who had been there and done some of the same scary things that I’ve been doing more than once showed a genuine interest in what I do.

The first session we attended was one that I was quite skeptical of. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go and I was a bit worried even though the main reason we went is because JoJo loved the author’s books. There was a short video clip played of the author about 2.5 years ago. As I sat there watching I could hear in his voice the desire that he had to take his writing career full time. And you what? He did. But not without lots and lots of prayer and hard work.

I saw that I too could be successful. I could be one of them too. But I have to put in the work. Keep stepping out and doing those scary things. Keep learning and trying new things. Keep wholeheartly following the path that God has for me. I have to keep believing that what He says is true. Over the past two years of walking on this business journey I’ve seen Him come through time and time again. Now, it’s time for me to step up and follow His lead. He’ll be there and provide just as He always has.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

P.S. Our family is walking to raise money to build clean water wells in countries where people have to walk an average of 4 miles to get water that is dirty and makes them sick. You can read more about it HERE or donate HERE. I don’t receive any money from your donation. All the money raised goes to build wells.

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