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A Nice Week!

I’m actually typing this on Thursday because Friday is a big day around here! The weather is going to be nice so Dad is taking the day off and we’re getting our dirt delivered! However, there are so many other good things happening this week too!

I’m a people person, so the last year and a half has been challenging to say the least. Out of others concerns our family decided to worship from home for the Winter. As Spring has arrived and some of the restrictions are lessening we made the choice to start easing back into worshipping in person with our Church family this past Sunday. And I can not adequately describe how good it was! We saw people we hadn’t seen in months, some we haven’t seen since last Spring. I talked to people, got to socialize, and it was very much needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

The “high” that I got on Sunday took a while to fade. The weather has been SO nice, sunny, and warm this week. We’ve been getting close to 80° and it’s barely Spring! With the abundance of sunshine, we’ve been able to eat lunch outside a couple of days this week and grill a couple of nice Summery meals for dinner!

This season is literally so weird. It feels like Winter is going to last forever; then all of a sudden, the sun shines, it’s warming up, and we’re working outside until the sun goes down!

I mean, we had a fire in the fireplace on Easter Sunday. Just a few days later and the upstairs windows are open, the fans are on full blast and I’m sleeping in shorts! I’m not quite sure if Spring is like that for everyone or if it’s just something I have the pleasure of experiencing because I live in Ohio. Either way, it certainly does make life interesting!

I realized that I’ll be needing to photograph our Church’s Walk4Water event coming up in May and I hadn’t touched my camera in over a year! So I pulled it out earlier this week just to make sure that everything was in working order and walked around the backyard taking pictures. I forgot just how nice it was to get outside and take pictures for the sheer pleasure of it! The flowers and peach trees are blooming, the chickens are enjoying their last few days in the garden, and everything is so green and bright!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue