Puppy Wyatt

A Roadtrip, A New Puppy, and A Lesson…

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Last Thursday we finished getting the house ready. Making sure the floor was swept, the blankets and bedding cleaned, the pens set up and the backpack packed. We took some leftover brisket from the freezer, sliced it thin, and made knock-off Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips, extra water, and made some Energy Balls for dessert.

Dad took a day of vacation Friday and we hit the road for a little road trip to pick up the newest member of our family! Ladies and gentlemen meet Wyatt Herb (as in herb garden)!!

Puppy Wyatt

We’d been tossing around the idea of getting another dog specifically another Australian Shepherd to help herd the chickens and play with Jasper since Trinity is a stick in the mud and prefers to keep an eye on things rather than play.

After a lot of prayer, some research, and a few inquiries we settled on a new-to-us breeder RLValley Ranch Aussies.

Wyatt was born on August 11 and we picked him up at 8.5 weeks on October 8! We received weekly updates, photos, and videos of the puppies as they grew and came home with an adorable puppy and a giant bag of goodies. Training information, wet and dry dog food, a blanket, and lots of toys!

We had the opportunity to meet both of Wyatt’s parents, and some of the other dogs that the breeder has…including his full sister from a previous litter. After receiving some additional information and the bag of goodies it was time to head home.

The 1st Picture I took of Wyatt

We made a stop on the way home to Menard’s so that we could get him a harness that fit and of course I got distracted by Christmas decorations. Then it was time for a quick lunch. After we ate, we played several episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. They’re about a half-hour each and gave us an easy way to keep track of who’s turn it was to hold him.

Bailey's picture with Santa

Sunday JoJo had another festival/market to attend. We couldn’t leave Wyatt home all day, so we took him with us. We set up his pen with food, water, toys, a blanket, and a litter tray and took turns sitting with him throughout the day. And he did GREAT! It didn’t take people long to realize we had a puppy in tow and within minutes of arriving he had an entourage. He did well all things considered and even got to help get some bags ready…

Being taken away from everyone and everything he’s ever known and being introduced to two five new people, being passed around like a hot potato on the drive home. And then meeting two gigantic, loud, and energetic dogs is a lot for a little puppy. Occasionally, he’d get scared, but we quickly learned that when he gets scared, he runs to the nearest human and sits down either right in front of us or in between our legs. Even though he’d known us for less than 10 hours he knew enough to know that we’d protect him. He knew who to run to when he got scared and who would protect him.

“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1)

And it makes me wonder…When we’re scared or overwhelmed where (or who) do we run to? Where do we go? Do we try to drown it out by scrolling on social media or binge-watching our favorite T.V. shows or do we take a minute to talk it out with God? Do we run and sit at His feet and tell Him what we’re feeling, take a break, and truly rest, or do we push through and hope that it’ll get better as time goes on?

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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