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A Story Worth Sharing…

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I think it’s interesting: We as Christians have been given SO much. A constant friend, joy even in the roughest circumstances, all our mistakes–big and little are forever forgiven and forgotten; being fully known AND fully loved, etc.

But yet talking about Jesus is hard for many of us…

However, if some random guy I’d never met jumps out in front of me and saves me from an oncoming car, I’d tell the whole world time and time again. Yet, isn’t that just what Jesus did for me?

Sure, the circumstances differ slightly. Jesus LEFT Heaven, left paradise to come to earth. The beautiful yet very messy part of His creation. Never once messing up or making a single mistake. That’s HUGE. He was tempted in every way that we are. Tempted to waste time, give up, doubt, be disrespectful, etc,, etc. But He also came face to face with the Devil himself and was tempted. And yet He never once made a mistake.

The leaders of His day hunted Him down with the sole purpose of killing Him. People thought that He’d lost His mind, or was one of the best liars that the world had ever known. He was betrayed by His own, denied, falsely accused, illegally tried, bruised, and beaten; mocked and spat on. Even though no fault was found in Him they led Him to the cross. There He was hung, taking a punishment He never deserved and so few of us really understand…

All because of love.

Even though He had every right to give up, every right to hate, hold a grudge, give the silent treatment, or walk away and never come back. He NEVER does. He laments over Judas’ decision and embraces Peter once again. Not once questioning his loyalty or devotion. He gives him a place of power and responsibility.

Why is it that if someone we deem “famous” acknowledges us, notices us, touches us, or even looks us in the eye we love it. It makes our day, gives us a story to share and we feel so very special. I mean, out of the crowd of thousands ____________ saw me! ___________ shook my hand! _______________ told me I’m special, told me I’m priceless!

Believe me when I say that I’m oh, so guilty of this very thing!! But listen here: _____________ may have pulled your sweaty almost hyperventilating self out of the crowd and said that you’re a priceless beauty. But_____________ will NEVER love and cherish you, know you or even remember you a year from now.

Jesus reaches down—He CAME down–chose you, scars, bruises, blood, tears, Every. Single. Part. Of. You. He dusts you off and helps you to become the priceless beauty he created you to be.

Because He sees. He sees how creation has fallen and marred, scared, lied to, and even maimed His beautiful pieces of art. And He works with you tearing down the strongholds, banishing the lies, and healing the wounds. Helping you to become the priceless beauty He knows that we are.

We’ve been given all of this and yet we’re scared or even ashamed to share it!?!


It’s the BEST thing that ever happened in the history of the world and my life. Why am I so afraid to talk about it?

….This is just something that I was thinking a lot about at the first of the year and thought that the week of Valentine’s day would be a good time to share it with you…

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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