About Us

Hi, there! I’m Bailey Sue the resident writer of The King’s Little Red Homestead!

When Mom and Dad got married nearly 30 years ago, they often joked of owning a farm on a hill and naming it Hamburger Hill, never really thinking of it being more than a pipedream. They were both raised in the suburbs and would likely raise their family the same way. But in 2010 they felt led to pull me and my two younger siblings out of public school and homeschool us. That decision was the catalyst for the life that we live now!

We started building raised garden beds. Planting a Salsa Garden and experimenting with other fruits and vegetables. We also started making and preserving our own salsa, canning peaches from a local Farm Stand and few quarts of green beans. We quickly learned that everyone in the family had an interest in this way of life and that ¼ acre of property wouldn’t be enough. In 2016 we listed that house and it sold within a week!

Thanksgiving week of 2016 we moved on ¾ of an acre, just outside the city. Now they’re making the most of what we have. Over the last 5 years we’ve built and expanded the garden space each year! Adding chickens, rabbits, and barn cats to the property. We’ve continued to expand our knowledge of homestead living and are eager to share what we’ve learned with you!

We all enjoy learning about and working together on the homestead. Bradley LOVES to be outside building things and being busy in the sunshine. JoJo’s the animal lover and has been since she was two and declared she wanted the “birdie to get on her chinger [finger]”. And I (Bailey Sue) am the modern-day John-Boy Walton/Laura Ingalls Wilder, documenting our family’s everyday adventures.

Come along with us as we continue to build our homesteading skills and knowledge sharing the why and the how of what we do. You’ll see the garden grow, cooking, and preserving the harvest, holiday decorating and traditions, and a few inside projects as well.

And most importantly you’ll see the deep weave of our faith in Jesus Christ. So many within the homesteading community aim to be “self-sufficient”.  While we understand exactly where and how that thought process works, we prefer to say that we’re reliant on God. Using what He has provided to the best of our ability and seeking to glorify Him in all we do.

“When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.”
~Psalm 128:2