Burlap Bow

All Tied Up…

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Something that I’ve noticed recently is that we as humans like to have life tied up in a nice neat bow. We like life to be predictable, all of our questions answered, and a happy ending. I once read that the reason Television networks quit airing episodes that ended with the words “To Be Continued” is because it drove the viewers nuts. They wanted to know how it ended…NOW. They didn’t like having to wait a whole week.

We’ve recently been watching the 1970’s show “Emergency”. Bradley received the entire series as a Graduation gift. Each night that we’re able we pop a few bowls of popcorn and watch an episode or two. Honestly, for the girl who is very much a hypochondriac and doesn’t do well with the medical stuff; I really enjoy the show! I find that it’s less gory than some of the modern-day shows and there’s not a lot of back story drama. It’s almost like there are these people doing their everyday jobs and there just so happens to be a camera following them around.

The show usually does a pretty good job of tieing up all the loose ends and filling in all the blanks. Letting us viewers know which victims will be okay, and which didn’t make it.

Except for Karen…

Karen who we meet in the first season comes in nightly complaining of a bad headache. One night Dr. Brackett preforms an exam and spinal tap then sends her up to Neurology. And we never hear what’s actually wrong and if she’s gonna be okay!?! Seriously though, we’re now into the third season and I will probably NEVER know what happens to Karen…and that bugs me.

But I’ve learned life can be a lot like that too…We can drive ourselves crazy trying to find the answers to why this or that happened. Why God would allow this pain, heartache, or struggle. We can guesstimate and assume why, but we’ll never know the real reason simply because we’re not God.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways  higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
~Isaiah 55:9

God has the unique ability to see the BIG picture! He knows all things (Psalm 139) and He isn’t confined by time like we are (2 Peter 3:8). When life feels untied  we can trust that God is there holding the strings. Remember the God who created the stars and holds them in place is the same God who holds you (Job 9:9).

Life on earth may not have a happy ending. But as Christians we know that the once we get to the end of the story it’ll be the happiest ending there is. Heaven and living in the Presence of God…forever. Where there are no tears (Revelation 21:4), no night,  and no darkness (Revelation 21:23 and Revelation 22:5).

Even though it may feel like you’re getting tangled in the strings of  life and you feel like you’ll never get figured out, RELAX and trust God. He has it all figured out and in the end it will become a beautiful bow.


Until next time,

Bailey Sue