Snow Covered Umbrella

An Answered Prayer & A Snow Adventure

So, as many of you know I blew it in early December. We had a beautiful picture-perfect snow and I sat inside on the internet. I realized that I had missed an opportunity and decided that the next time we had a fluffy white snow I would go outside with my camera and get some usable pictures.

I then began praying for snow. Now, I didn’t mention this request every night but every now and then when I thought about it I would ask God for a nice picture snow. In all honesty, I wasn’t so sure that He would answer this prayer the way that I wanted it answered. I thought that maybe since laziness is a deep struggle of mine He would let this be a lesson for me… But last night He did something that made me very happy.

He allowed just a little bit of snow to fall.

Now, we’re talking about just enough fluffy snow to cover the ground. In fact, at first, it began to fall as sleet. So, I thought that it wasn’t worth investigating; but when I got up to fix dinner I realized that it was in fact the snow that I had prayed for. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to start taking pictures.

I’d like to share a couple of my favorites with you. (:

Snow falling and a snow covered tree

And my personal favorite:

snow covered pinecone

I just want to let you know that God really does answer prayer. He opens and closes doors and provides opportunities that we don’t ask for just because He can. Our job is to be looking for His hands in our life and respond to these opportunities and doors that He opens.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue