Plugged In Lamp

Are you plugged in?

Our church has recently started bringing the young children to the front of the auditorium to sing a few songs and read a verse before each sermon. This past Sunday something in the way the songs were strung together stuck out to me…

They were simple children’s songs. The same ones we sing each VBS, complete with the corresponding hand motions. But sometimes I think those are the best kind…

He started by singing “I’m All Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up, in God”. Then created a sort of mash-up; leading right into the old favorite “This Little Light of Mine”…

And then it struck me. Like I literally had to stop singing long enough to jot down the idea for this post. If we’re not All Wrapped Up, Tied Up, and Tangled Up in God how can we let our lights really shine? How can we love like He loved if we’re not learning from the Master?

Think of it this way. I just bought this really sharp looking lamp. I set it out on the stand and flip the “On” switch but nothing happens until I plug the lamp in. The only way the lamp shines is if it’s plugged in to the outlet…plugged in to the source of light. The same is true of us.

The only way that we can let our lights shine is by being plugged into God.

We stay plugged into God by reading His Word, applying His Word to our lives, and communicating with Him. And if you happen to be sitting there thinking, “If the power goes out it won’t matter if the lamp is plugged in and turned on, it still won’t work.” Exactly! But with God His power NEVER goes out (Isaiah 40:28). As long as we’re “plugged in” our light will always be shining in this dark world!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue