Exodus 16_8 with text

Are you wandering the desert too?

“And the LORD said to Moses, ‘How long do you refuse to keep My commandments and My laws?'”
~Exodus 16:28

For the past few weeks each morning we’ve sat down and read a chapter of Exodus. Each of us picking a verse to write down in our notebooks and then sharing why we picked the verse.

One thing that really sticks out to me as we read through is just how similar I am to the Israelites…I grumble and complain about pretty much everything. I’m quick to forget how blessed I am, slow to call out in times of trouble. I see His miraculous provision and answer to prayer time and time again but the minute something doesn’t go according to how I think it should be I question if He’s even there at all…

But y’all the sad thing is I KNOW BETTER!!

I’ve seen through years of Bible reading and study that He is always faithful. I’ve experienced His provision, guidance, love and grace first hand. I know that He’s with me through whatever I face…

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wander in the desert for “40 years” when I could have been to the Promised Land in just 11 days…

“Also Moses said, ‘This shall be seen when the LORD gives you meat to eat in the evening, and in the morning bread to the full; for the LORD hears your complaints that you make against Him. And what are we? Your complaints are not against us but against the LORD.'”
~Exodus 16:8

Until next time,

Bailey Sue