Bailey Sue

White stairs

Sick of Falling

I don’t know about you but I sin and fall short of God’s glory every single day. But I have grace. Jesus forgives me of ALL my sins. The Bible also says that you can’t do anything to make God stop loving you. He always will (See Romans 8:38-39).


Learning to Define the Vision

I’m currently trying to define exactly what it is that I want to do, how much I’m willing to pay, and what sacrifices I’m willing to make.

Where exactly I want my dream to go, how far I want to go with it and most importantly where God wants all of this to go; where He wants me to go.


Redeeming The Time

But after some prayer and thought I realized that I would be really stupid to not jump at this opportunity. I don’t know of many 19 year olds that don’t have to get a job and that can work solely on making their dreams a reality. So, I took it.