Bailey Sue


Growing & Preserving Tomatoes

For as long as we’ve had a garden we’ve planted tomatoes! In my opinion, they’re one of the easiest things to plant & fun too! We usually plant Romas or another similar variety because they have more meat and less water making them better for canning. We’ll be sure to include a sandwich tomato like Better Boy for BLTs or simply slicing and eating. And of course, some cherry tomatoes for salads, and a couple of yellow tomatoes or small pear tomatoes because they’re less acidic and we need yellow tomatoes to make Pico de Gio. When it comes time to start preserving them…we have a couple of different options.

Praying Hands over an open Bible

Specific Prayer…

Now, I know that God doesn’t always answer prayers or even very specific prayers in just a few days time. I know that there are prayers that for whatever reason, beyond our understanding, he chooses to answer differently than we would have liked. And in 100% transparency, I’ve been in both of those situations at different times this year…And personally, I’m always encouraged when I see how God is moving & answering prayers in others’ lives.