Emergency T.V. Series and an Old Firetruck

Behind the Scenes…

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Today’s officially the first day of Fall!! It’s supposed to be 75° today and the sun is shining! This past weekend we worked outside some. Cleaning up the yard and the garden. We harvested about 1/2 of the tomatoes left of the season making and canning 11 quarts of crushed tomatoes. My favorite thing to can. It’s a-new to us recipe that we hadn’t tried before but SO easy!

On one hand, I find it sad that the garden is almost ready for Winter. The last of the produce is being harvested and preserved as the weather gets cooler. Before too long the leaves will be changing and falling! But on the other, it makes me happy! I can wear sweats, jeans, and boots.

Soup Season is officially here and we’ve started rewatching the Emergency” series!

“Emergency” premiered in January 1972. It talks about how there was a need for Emergency Medical Care in the field, by qualified professionals. Those that worked in the field saw the need and were willing to do something about it but struggled to get the doctors on board and be recognized for the work they did. In many ways, it was an uphill battle.

I’ve seen interviews with some of the cast members stating that the show was actually based on real calls (with the information changed to protect the identities of the victims and sometimes to make it fit the setting of LA). When the show ended and the paramedics get promoted to Captian they actually had to give up being paramedics (per the protocol of the time).

In fact, people within the Emergency Medical field even used episodes of the show to TRAIN real paramedics! And today, nearly 50 YEARS later…Emergency” is STILL considered one of the BEST and most accurate T.V. shows portraying what paramedics/firefighters actually do! Not only that but (at least in our local areas of Ohio) if you want to work full time you HAVE to be a paramedic. I find that really interesting…

And it got me thinking what it is about shows from the ’60s-’90s that’s so lasting??

Why do we rewatch every single episode of “Home Improvement”, The Walton’s”, “Emergency”, “Adam-12”, and “The Andy Griffith Show” just to name a few? What is it that we crave from the days gone by? What do we wish we could bring back and why?

Maybe it’s the simpler times, the quiet, or the strong family bonds. The humor, the heart, or the way that we each feel connected to the characters even all these years later. But here’s my question: Do we feel the same way about “old” T.V. shows as we do our Bibles, our prayer time, or our relationship with God?

Do we look forward to rereading the same Bible stories over and over just like we rewatch T.V. shows or movies year after year? I love trying to find out any interesting facts about a show or movie. Trying to figure out how it all came together, how similar or different the cast is from their characters, and any other tidbits about how they filmed it. Do I spend that same amount of time dissecting the Bible? Learning the history and culture surrounding the places and people recorded in the Bible?

If I’m being truthful, not always am I this dedicated to spending time studying the Bible. I know WAY more useless Hollywood and music trivia than I do the “behind the scenes of the Bible”.

But you know what? That useless trivia gets me NOTHING. In this life and the next. Only by reading, studying, and APPLYING the words of the Bible will I gain something so great…in this life and the next. A peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:7) and eternal life when this life is over (1 John 5:20)…

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

P.S. Speaking of going “behind the scenes” of the Bible…During our years of being homeschooled we came across the show “Drive Thru History”. These shows about the Holy Land and The Gospels were instrumental in bridging the gap between Biblical History and World History. They did a really good job of tying it all together into one story. HIStory!

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