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Better than Broadway!

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On Sunday we went into Goodwill after spending some time looking for a couple of photo frames which ended up being a bust; I decided to meander over to the music department. I didn’t see much in the way of CD’s but found something really cool in the record section…

Growing up we often watched the old musical “The Music Man”. One time several years ago we went and saw it at a fancy dinner theater. We were quite young at the time (JoJo was about 2, Jr 4, and me close to 8) and we were GLUED to the stage. So quiet in fact that waitresses from other sections kept coming down to our table just to see if there really were young kids there.

I really just loved the fact that the stage production was almost identical to the movie. Sure, the cast was a little different but the story line was identical, the songs were the same and it was almost like I was sitting there watching the movie. I came to find out later that “The Music Man” was originally a Broadway Production that was later turned into a film starring Ron Howard and Robert Preston (who also performed in the original Broadway production as Professor Harold Hill).

Anyway, back to Goodwill. As I was digging through the records looking for any names or faces I recognized I found the original Broadway Cast Recording for “The Music Man”. Needless to say, we ended up purchasing the album and I’m actually listening to it as I type this.

I was trying to tell Mom just how cool I thought this find was. I mean it’s the original Broadway Cast—the people who ORIGINALLY preformed what would later be the film that’s one of our favorites. She informed me that although it was cool there were many more things to get excited about than an original Broadway Cast recording. And then she proceeded to tell me something that inspired this post.

“You could say the same thing about the Bible.”

She reminded me that the words of God are recorded in this book we call the Bible. I can literally read (or listen) to the Words that THE LIVING GOD SPOKE WHILE WALKING ON THIS EARTH. As cool as an original Broadway Cast recording is it has NOTHING on the Bible. The Bible has the power to change lives and transform us from the inside out. Through reading and believing what’s written in this book our lives our saved, hope is given and we have a light to guide us in this dark world. We are given our purpose and able to find our TRUE identity.

Although only some sections of the Bible are the actual words that Jesus spoke and we know by reading John 21:25 that Jesus did many more things than were ever actually recorded. We know that even the words that aren’t written in red God (the same God who walked the earth) inspired the ENTIRE BIBLE (2 Timothy 3:16).

I was further reminded that I have access to those words of God every single day. I only have one copy of “The Music Man” album but I have many different Bibles, so many in fact that I honestly don’t have enough shelf space to put them all out. Not only that but there are people out there in the world today defending my right to read these words in FREEDOM AND PEACE. There are many around the world that aren’t given this great privilege. In fact people are KILLED for simply having a Bible in their homes.

I want to encourage you to NEVER LOOSE SIGHT of how special the Bible is. How much it means to us and the great freedom that we have to read it daily. To HEAR from the LIVING GOD- to read His words EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Let’s not take that for granted.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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