Merry Christmas in July! 🎄

I thought with all the talk of Christmas in July it’d be fun to do a little throwback if you will and share a few of the Christmas oldies but goodies…I’ve gone through nearly every old Christmas post I’ve written and selected a few of my very favorites to share with you!

Wyatt saying "Hi' to Dad

Week in Review!

“Spring is nearly here! The birds are starting to come around, squirrels are more active, and the temperature is warming up–we’ve even had to open a few windows! Honestly, with all the sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, we feel like we should be outside doing something but sadly, there’s not much to do in mid-March. It’s too cold to plant the garden, and too early to start a major project (given the possibility of snow next week).” So, we’re making the most of the downtime and enjoying life!