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Changing the World…

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Sometimes watching the news can be overwhelming. We are often told of bad things going on in the world over and over again. Over time it may seem as though the world is just this awful place with no hope of ever getting better. But those of us who know Jesus know that this isn’t the case. There is ALWAYS HOPE.

We may even begin to think that we are somehow responsible for fixing everyone’s problems and providing justice. One of the things that I am learning (and not very good at living out yet) is that I can’t change the world; but I can change my little part of the world.

I’ve often thought over the years that I needed to have some sort of large platform to make a difference in the world. But I am learning that that’s not always the case. Sure, having a large platform does allow you to influence several people to make a difference. But I also think that there’s also something to be said about the “average Joe” if you will. The everyday person living their life like Jesus would and making an impact on those around them and in turn on the world.

We as Christians are being transformed daily by having the Spirit of God live inside of us. Each day through the choices that we make are being changed to reflect more of Him and less of us. The way that we see the world and treat people changes as we grow closer to Him.

God made everyone different. Each one with a different plan and life. Don’t dismiss the life that you have because you don’t feel like you’re making a difference! Just living your life as you do you are influencing those around you.


One doesn’t change the world just by being on a stage. One changes the world by living and influencing those around them. You may be thinking, “How do I influence those around me?” It’s often easier than you think. Hold the door for the person behind you. Say thank you. Smile at a stranger. Open your eyes to the world around you and look for tiny ways to make a big difference. It doesn’t take a lot to change someone’s day. And who knows, changing someone’s day may just change the world. Hope can do a lot for a person. And showing Jesus to a hurting hopeless world will change it. And that’s our job right? To show and tell others about Jesus. To change the world be introducing them to the One who changed our world for the better and gave us an eternal hope in a hopeless world.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue