2021 Thanksmas Photo_with text

“Come On, Christmas”!!

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Hey there! I hope that this little note finds you well and that you’re finding joy this Christmas season! Here on the Homestead, we’re right in the middle of it all–and I LOVE it!

This past weekend my Grandparents came up from Tennessee to celebrate Thanksmas. We spent a lot of time visiting, talking, and sharing stories. Dad, Grandpa, and Bradley went and had some outdoor fun while Grandma, Mom, JoJo, and I went shopping and had a couple of hours to simply look around. Our Thanksmas dinner is a really big meal combing several traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dishes. There’s turkey and ham, Overnight Salad, Sweet Potato Casserole, Corn Pudding, Greenbean Casserole, Dinner rolls, and Cranberry Sauce.

This week it’s been all things Tri-Color Treats. We’ve been baking and decorating and packaging all sorts of Christmas cookies for the dogs. Next week we’ll start the human cookies! Also, next week is Dad’s last week at work for the year and Bradley’s last week at school!!

In a way, we’re only just beginning the festivities…

Listening to Christmas music all day long, watching movies, eating and drinking off our festive dishes, and wearing all the red, green, and glitter possible. And yet, there are so many things that we’re all looking forward to in the next couple of weeks. Favorite movies we’ve yet to watch because you just can’t watch White Christmas” this early…You’ve got to build up to it, Baking and cooking all the Christmas-y things. Cookies, Great-Grandma’s Salami, and Grandma’s Cheese Ball that never stays around long enough to actually be rolled into a ball, and simply being together as a family…

“Well, there’s just something about this time of year
You can feel the excitement in the air
Everyone’s hangin’ with family and friends
And it’s making you feel like a kid once again
Hearts are racing all around the world
Smiling faces on the boys and girls
Waiting just to hear those sleigh bells ring
Singing, come on, Christmas do your thing

Come on, Christmas

“I don’t know why you’re taking so long, Christmas
Well, I’ve been waiting all year for you to get here
And I can’t take another second, can’t you hear me beggin’
Hurry up, Santa Claus
Here’s my number just in case old Rudolph gets lost
I sure wouldn’t mind, if you’re early this time
So, come on, come on, come on, Christmas”
~Matthew West–