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“Come to the Table”….

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This last Saturday a long time friend of mine got married. We’ve known each other for nearly 20 years.

Growing up we did a lot together.

Birthday parties, sleepovers, Girl Scouts (her Mom ran our troop); attended the same church twice, attended the same school until I entered the 8th grade (we even had the same seat in Kindergarten she sat in the morning class and I in the afternoon class, graduated the same year and attended each other’s grad parties.

Circa 2003

There’s part of me that thinks it’s absolutely CRAZY that we’re finally old enough to be getting married. I mean, “Wasn’t it just yesterday that we stayed up until 6 am chatting about life and were somehow awake by 9 am?”

Her wedding and venue were both absolutely beautiful!

At the reception, our family and some close friends (who we consider adopted family members) were sitting across the room from the bride and groom and their wedding party. All of sudden I happen to look over at her and she waves to me, so I wave back. Then she starts motioning me over. I do that “Who, me?” gesture just to make sure we’re both on the same page and when she gestures excitedly I carefully walk across the floor to her table…

Once I got there we started talking just like old times…

We shared a hug or two and I was able to get this picture with her courtesy of her husband (I may be a photographer but selfies are NOT my strong suit). Then she tells me that our mutual friends should come over as well…the conversation lasted maybe 15 minutes tops but it made a lasting impression on me…

God does the same thing with us today.

God sees us…right where we are and wants us up with him. He loves us just as we are but longs for us to be close to Him and to be transformed into His image.

Just as she excitedly beckoned me over to her table God beckons me to become part of His family…

Once we take the leap and come to Him we’ll find that it’s like we’ve always been there. It may seem scary to take that plunge or walk across that room (did I mention that I was wearing heels?); but we’ll be glad that we did.

Over time, as we spend more and more time in His Presence; we’ll learn things about Him that we never knew. Things that excite us or make us stop and think.

And He’ll give us special tasks to do. Yes, He’s God and he doesn’t need our help but He wants us to be close to Him and complete these tasks for His glory regardless of how small.

Megan, thank you for letting me share a small part in your special day!

I pray that you and Austin begin your lives as one well and that God blesses you throughout the years! Let’s not wait until the next life-changing event happens in our lives to chat!

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

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