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Faith in ?

I have to be honest here: I’ve spent most of today distracted on Pinterest. I ended up looking at image after image of what people like to call “Faith in Humanity Restored”. They’re usually an image or two along with some text about an everyday person doing something to make the world better.

–A police officer giving his sweatshirt to a homeless man or buying a homeless man a new pair of shoes.

–A man who on his wedding day jumped into a pond to save a young child from drowning.

–Someone who bought two meals to share one with a homeless person.

–An older man playing checkers with a young boy.

–Bystanders talking someone out of suicide.

And so many similar stories…

But I got to thinking about one phrase in particular. Faith in Humanity. I believe that the goal of these images to remind us all that no matter how dark this world often looks there’s always good people making a difference in the lives of others–often for nothing in return. But I was reminded that we can’t look to humanity to make the world right again. Only Jesus can do that.

When we place our faith in anything or anyone but Jesus we will be let down. Every. Single. Time. It’s only by the power of God working in the hearts and minds of our fellow man is this world going to be better. Humanity is so flawed and messed up. In and of ourselves we don’t have the ability to be good. It’s only because we’ve been taught that we know the difference between right and wrong. Through reading the Bible we know the difference between what God wants and what He doesn’t.

This world isn’t going to be changed because of a Pinterest board titled “Faith in Humanity Restored”. It isn’t going to be changed by people doing things to restore our “Faith in Humanity”. The world is only going to be changed by God working in our hearts to mold us to be more like Him. By creating a deep and lasting dependency on Him.  Not on ourselves or our governments but on the One who rules it all and has divinely created everything. Every good thing, every hard thing, and every challenge to come together for our good.

It’s only going to be changed by people coming to the realization that God loves us so much that He sent His Son to this earth to be rejected and ultimately die at the hand of His own creation and rose again to give us a living and breathing HOPE. And those of us who have that hope to share it with those around us.

And we must remember that it isn’t how much money we have or whether or not we live in the country or the city. It’s just doing what Jesus would do if He was in our place right now. Loving God and loving His people. All people, even if they look or think a little differently than we do. And trusting Him along the way.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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