Family Stories…

This past weekend our Grandparents came up from Tennessee to visit. My Dad’s Mom & step Dad usually try to come up twice a year. Once in the Spring/Summer & once in November/December for our annual Thanksmas celebration.

Grandma has begun cleaning out her attic & brought along several things that either belonged to Dad or that she thought Dad might like to have.

Some of the items were pretty self-explanatory. Old Children’s Books that just make me smile (& I never knew that the Beginner Reader Books with the Cat in the Hat logo was around in the late 60s)! Recipe Magazines from the late 90s to the early 2000s were just as fun! More pictures of my Grandfather who passed away over 20 years ago & some pictures of Dad and/or Grandpa with different family members.

The Blue toy truck made us laugh. Though Dad doesn’t specifically remember playing with it, it’s kinda funny that it’s blue. Because he’s had a couple of different blue trucks over the years & the one that we currently have looks strikingly similar to the toy!

The Roasting Pan (in the back of the picture holding the photos) belonged to my Great-Grandma King. Apparently, there is photographic evidence of me sitting in it during the Summer of 1998 when I was about 2. We couldn’t find that specific picture. However, we did find this one of me playing with it from what Mom thinks is the same day.

And last but certainly not least, the clock.

I’m pretty sure this is everyone’s new favorite clock! Originally the clock was gifted to my Grandpa for his 25th year at the company he worked for. According to Grandma it sat in a closet or attic for over 20 years and had stopped working. Dad took the back off to look into it and saw that it was an automatic clock. Meaning that it doesn’t require batteries to run, rather, you wind it with a key!

As a lover of all things vintage this makes me incredibly happy! Not only do you wind it but it also chimes like a mini Grandfather clock! Check out the video below to hear it’s pretty chime! (: According to the instructions cleverly printed inside the back of the clock if it hasn’t been running for a while you make the innital adjustment and then you’re supposed to wait a couple of days before adjusting it further if needed. It took us a few days to get the clock to chime the correct hour. So, every hour we would literally pause and count the chimes. Even though it has chimed the correct hour for last several days I still catch myself pausing when it chimes.

I’m thankful for the time that we had to visit & the stories shared. May we all remember what’s truly important in life and pause every once in a while to savor the moment & thank God for all that we’ve been given.

Until next time,
Bailey Sue