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When you find Christmas Changing…

I don’t know about you but when I was younger I just couldn’t wait for Christmas. I was anxious to see what Santa had left under the tree. Once December got here I was so overly excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.

As I got older and figured some things out for myself. Christmas seemed to loose a bit of it’s magic. I was no longer bouncing off the walls and I also learned the lesson that when you bake cookies the kitchen won’t clean itself ;).

For years I thought that the excitement of seeing what Santa left under the tree was what Christmas felt like. I ended up feeling a little down and depressed because although Christmas was almost here it just didn’t feel like it. I didn’t have the excitement that I once had and often wondered what happened.

As I’ve been thinking on this I realized that I just got older. I began to understand that Christmas is more than getting nice things under the tree. It’s about helping others and celebrating the wonderful blessings that we have been given by a loving God. Things like spending time with family, giving things to others, and helping those in need.

The magic of Christmas hasn’t left; it’s just taken a different form. Instead of bouncing off the walls and driving my Mom nuts I am now able to help her. I can wrap presents for another member of the family (as long as it doesn’t ruin the surprise of what I’m getting–as in no one is allowed to wrap their own presents). Instead of baking cookies for three hours and then having to clean up the kitchen for another four (I’m a fairly messy cook)– we can clean the kitchen more as we go. I now understand that every job in the kitchen is important and necessary instead of thinking that I always have to be the one to roll out all the cookies.

The older I’ve gotten the more I understand that not everyone is as blessed as I am. Some people don’t get to go home for Christmas, some don’t have families to go home to, and others won’t get to have a visit from Santa even though they’ve been good…I am now excited to help make Christmas brighter and cheerier for those in need.

Something that has really helped me get in the Christmas Spirit this year is taking it one day at a time…Trying to do one Christmas-y thing each day. Whether that be playing Christmas music all day long, journaling using Christmas stickers, baking a batch or two of cookies, navigating the crazy stores, attending a Christmas party dressed like an  Elf, or coloring a Christmas picture… Just doing something small each day that celebrates Christmas.

Maybe this year you’re finding your Christmas changing. Let me encourage you to approach this Christmas season looking to God. Look around for the little Christmas-y things in your life. Don’t try to do it all–just do a little bit each day. Take each day as it comes and find the joy there. Thank God for what He has given and ask Him for guidance to use what you have to bless others.

Until next time,

Bailey Sue

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