Trinity and Jasper laying next to each other

Getting to Know Him

We’ve had our dog Jasper for nearly 2 months already?! He’s adjusting nicely to his new home and getting along well with all of his fur-siblings. He loves to be outside exploring, cuddling with JoJo, and eating popcorn. One of the things that we’ve noticed is that he’s particularly timid of men.

This is very different for us as Trinity LOVES people and is quite fond of men in uniform. She hears Dad pull into the driveway and knocks everything over on her way to greet him at the door. If he takes too long coming in the house she’ll whine, and then sneeze. She can’t wait for Bradley to come home from work and will practically jump on top of him and demand attention as soon as she sees him. If Dad or Bradley suggests going outside most of the time (unless it’s raining, too hot, too cold, or she’s too tired) she’ll venture outside. Trinity also enjoys laying on the floor beside Bradley in the evening or on the weekends. He’ll bring his pillows out and she’ll curl up right next to, or on top of him and sleep.

Jasper’s a little different. Especially when we first got him Dad or Bradley would go near him and he’d hunch and run away. He’ll gladly walk up to any of us girls but he’s still timid around the guys regardless of how many slices of roast beef or pieces of buttery popcorn they feed him.

And I wonder, which dog are we like when it comes to our relationship with God?

Are we leery of Him or do we cower when He comes near? Do we get excited to spend time with Him just one on One or do we run the other way?

Dad actually really wanted to get Jasper. He wants him to be comfortable at the house and with the family. He’s not intentionally scaring Jasper. But He is patient. He acknowledges Jasper and talks to him, gives Him food and attention, especially when Jasper “asks” for it (actually he’ll nip at Dad’s legs or pants. Depending on what is reachable to him at the time).

In some ways, God is the same way. He wants us to be comfortable around Him. To trust Him and know that He loves us. He acknowledges us and communicates with us in a way that’s unique to us. He knows us better than we know ourselves and yet, He loves us anyway. Mistakes and all (Romans 8:37-39).

It may take us some time to “warm up” to God and develop a close relationship with Him especially if we’ve been hurt before. But I want to encourage you to never give up. To keep pressing in and getting to know God on a deep level, because in the end you’ll find that He really does love you more than you can imagine!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue