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Graduating in 2020?

I find it interesting the way things have played out over the last few months…There’s the larger story of the Pandemic and the overall economic toll but intermingled within that larger story are so many smaller stories…

Ways that the Pandemic is affecting each individual family… Dad is still home after being furloughed just over a month ago. He’s hoping to get to go back in the next week or two, but a lot of that hinges on what the states surrounding Ohio decide to do.

One area of life that’s been drastically affected for many people is graduation. Billie Jo Graduates from high school this Saturday. We had planned a busy weekend. Family coming in from out of town, a small ceremony with extended family and close friends, an open house, and her Senior Prom with her friend Naomi. Followed by her birthday celebration on Sunday.

Whether or not I want to admit it, her graduation will be vastly different than Bradley and I’s. Our Grandfathers won’t be here to lead a prayer during the ceremony. Extended family and friends won’t be here to celebrate and our church had to change plans for its Senior Recognition Night. For now, her open house is tentatively rescheduled for early July, and everything else is either postponed indefinitely or canceled.

I’m not one to get emotional or cry often. I’ve never cried watching a movie or reading a book. I tend to be the type of person that wants to fix everything. And by everything I mean everything. Sadly, no amount of cookies or ice cream can replicate family and the atmosphere of a Graduation and open house…

I know that there are several other people graduating this year. I know of 9 or so just within our church. Several other family members and friends either graduating college or getting married this Summer and their plans have either been changed, canceled, or are up in the air.

And what do you say? What can be said that hasn’t already been said? What can you do? I mean, this whole thing is so beyond anything that I’m capable of even dreaming of fixing. It’s bugged me, how different her graduation has been even compared to Bradley’s a year ago. Things are quieter, there’s a lot less running around, and in some respects a LOT less to do…

And to be honest, it feels weird. I wish I had some sort of phrase or encouraging word to say that would make it hurt less, and our fears subside but I don’t…

I truly don’t know what to say…There are a few things that keep running through my mind though.

  1. None of this ever took God by surprise. He is acting out His plan, not sitting up in Heaven freaking out scrambling to control this outbreak. HE IS HERE AND HE HASN’T GIVEN UP HIS AUTHORITY.
  2. Sometimes we can’t fix it. As much as we want to make everything right, it’s not in our power to do so. Only God can truly fix things.
  3. Life doesn’t always go as planned and when that happens we have to mourn what we thought, hoped, and prayed it would be. And then we have to let it go and embrace what is and make the best of it.

I know that these words probably won’t make it better for those of you graduating. But please know that we see you and that we’re praying for you!

Even if you don’t get to walk across the stage, you’ve still got a reason to celebrate-you’re graduating!!

It’ll probably look different, but celebrate anyway! This Pandemic has already taken so much from us, don’t let it steal your joy too!

Until next time,
Bailey Sue

2 thoughts on “Graduating in 2020?”

  1. Wow what a great job of expressing how our lives have changed in just a few days! Our God is still in charge and we need to take comfort in that,he still loves us and knows our every need and will take care of us. Love you bunches
    Grandma B.

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