Bible and Notepad

Growing in Knowledge…

The other night as I lay in bed thinking about the day I remember thinking that God has been up to a lot lately. Answering some long-awaited prayers, giving confidence, and providing new opportunities. I really feel like there’s been a lot of growth going on in the past few months. I’m not quite sure if it’s just from getting older or if I’m really starting to understand more about Jesus and acting on that knowledge. Below are a few lessons that I’m continuing to learn…I hope that these lessons encourage you and that you are able to learn from some of my mistakes.

  • God’s plan for you is VASTLY DIFFERENT than your plan. Embrace it! The sooner you realize that God made you just as you are with all of your crazy quirks for a reason far beyond what you could even imagine, the happier you’ll be. Don’t resist the changes that He’s doing in your life. As you yield your way to His over and over you’ll realize that overtime He’s making you look more like Him. Hang on the ride is just beginning!
  • DO IT AFRAID! Whatever that dream is for you know this: You will NEVER have all your ducks in a row or feel like you have everything figured out…DO IT ANYWAY. Learn as you go. Do it terrified—that’s often where you’ll SEE God move in ways that only He can. Coming through and providing just what you need at just the right time.
  • Hang on to every single bit of encouragement that you get. A hug, kind word, a sweet note, or knowing that a friend is praying for you. As life throws you trials that encouragement will become a lifeline of sorts. Something that you hold onto dearly as God leads you forward. But, remember that God is NEVER SILENT. Often times if you listen He’s speaking to you through the words of those you hold dear.
  • God is indeed patient. Just because you screw up for the 1,000th time today doesn’t mean that He’s stopped loving you! If you are breathing right now GOD IS NOT DONE WITH YOU! Pick yourself up and live in the truth of His word. Make that choice to follow Him yet again. He’ll meet you there. Don’t give up!
  • Change is a PROCESS. Just because you get wet with the waters of baptism doesn’t mean that you’ll wake up the next morning living the perfect Christian life. You will still make mistakes but His grace is sufficient. Give God time to work in your life and continue TRYING to do what it is that God wants you to do. One teensy step at a time.
  • God. Is. Faithful. Keep on keeping on. Keep on praying. Keep on hoping. Keep on doing that thing that God has called you to do. God. Is. Faithful. He will lead you on in HIS TIME.
  • Don’t stop praying. Even if you don’t know how to pray or what exactly to say to God KEEP PRAYING. Trust that the Spirit is interceding for you and know that Jesus was here on this earth and knows just what it’s like down here. He understands even the things that seem the hardest to grasp.
  • Reach out of your bubble. You won’t be where you want to be overnight. And that’s okay. It’s okay to be a little upset and frustrated. But don’t take that anger out on others. Reach out beyond your bubble and help someone else. Yes, you may be struggling right now, but often times it’s through helping others (and LISTENING) to them that you’ll find a little bit of peace and inspiration. If nothing else, it will just feel good to get your mind off yourself every once in a while.
  • Learn to enjoy the not-so-pleasant tasks. Life is FULL of things we don’t enjoy. Learn to enjoy or at least tolerate them. Find a way that makes it enjoyable for you. And don’t put it off. Just because you don’t like it is NOT a good reason to avoid it like the plague. The sooner you complete the task, the sooner you can move onto something more enjoyable.
  • Count your blessings—every day. Start a gratitude journal. At the beginning of each day take a minute or two and think about the day before. Write down at least 2 things that you’re thankful for. Be specific. As you go on you’ll find that it’ll be easier to find the blessings that are right in front of your face. In fact, I encourage you to find a small notebook at the Dollar Store and carry it around with you each day…as you notice different things you’re thankful for writing them down so that you’ll remember them the next day. Number each blessing you record—but don’t ever stop. You can never count all the blessings that God has given you…See just how many you can get in a day, a month, a week, a year… You’ll be surprised at just how blessed you are!

There are so many other things I could include here. But if you start with these it’ll save you months of frustration and tears. Hang on because God is going to lead you to places you never thought you’d be—you’ll be doing things that you thought of as a crazy pipe dream for those if-only days. But always, always remember this: Stay humble and be kind. You don’t know what kind of battle others are facing…Let your light shine for Him!

Until next time,

Bailey Sue