Clow Clan in front of Limo

Growing Pains…

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Growing up I was always close with my cousins. Holidays were the best. The entire family–3 generations would gather under one roof and celebrate together. I even remember one year my grandmother got all of us, little disc shooters. We were all so excited and ended up all crowding into my great grandma’s hallway shooting them at the door. Having so much fun and laughing so hard.

Other times when we just went up for fun. Us kids, (there’s 12 in all now), would end up playing together for HOURS. The guys would usually be playing ball or video games and the girls well we’d play house or restaurant or be working on some sort of massive art project in my aunt’s basement.

Sometimes the entire family would play a game together. There’s one I remember in particular. Kickball. My oldest cousin was Grandma’s pinch runner and I ended up missing the ball altogether and doing some sort of odd balancing thing to avoid falling. We always had so much fun together laughing and just being together.

Clow Clan in front of Limo
2009–Celebrating my Grandpa’s retirement. The Limo people said that there was a dance floor included..NOPE. That dance floor was the isle way..But that didn’t stop my cousin from body surfing.. (:

But we’re all older now.

Almost half of the grandchildren are graduated from high school and thinking about their futures. Going to college and thinking about settling down. Things have changed so much in the last 8 years. Major surgeries, deaths, and everybody growing up. Becoming who God made them to be. Following their dreams.

As I was thinking about all of this it made me sad. We’ve grown up and become our own people. Things will never be like they used to be…

But then I realized just how blessed we are. There’s now 25 of us including everyone’s plus one. Ranging in age from 23 to 7…From graduating college to going into the second grade we are still getting together. Holidays are still spent together. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas. The guys still play ball together or video games and the girls, well we’ve moved on a little. Now most of our time is spent talking about dreams and goals and what we’re doing now.

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I don’t do well with change…Never have and probably never will. But that’s why I’m so thankful that even though life changes at a ridiculously fast pace God is still the same.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
~Hebrews 13:8

No matter how drastic life’s changes are God is ALWAYS THE SAME. He still loves us, pursues us, and guides us. People may come and go, and even disappoint us but God is still God. Still being good no matter how bad the world gets. And God still changes people. Still transforms people more and more into His image. He still hears every prayer we pray and counts every tear. He’ll be with us every minute of every day being our constant Friend and Anchor in a sea of change…

Until next time,

Bailey Sue